(Guy) How much more can I grow?

Hi, my height is bothering me a bit, I just turned 18 some days ago and I'm still around 173-174 cm. My dad is from the south and is around 5"5-5"6. My mom is 5"6. I don't know the exact height of my dads ancestors, but I think around the same height as him. My moms parents were around 6", at least her dad, dno bout her mother.

Is there any chance I can still grow taller, if so, how much do you think is realistic?

Also: Does your grandparents height affect yours?

PS: I've no real facial hair atm, also very little under my arms. My nearsightedness recently got a bit worse which I'm taking as an indication of growth (?).

Would it be possible to reach 6"? :d


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  • Guys continue growing until they're around 21ish. I heard somewhere that men also can grow 2-4 inches taller than their father. But that depends on the mother, too. It could also just be nonsense. You're 5'7. That's fine. Not everyone can be 6'. Unless you hit a growth spurt, you'll probably level off at 5'8. Which isn't bad.

    As for your hair/sight issue...I seriously doubt your ability to see has anything to do with your height.

    I hear your mother's father determines if you will go bald when you get older, height, they say, is more of a father thing. My dad was 5'4 all through high school, and after graduation, that summer he shot up to 6'1. I doubt this happens for all men though.

    • Okay.. thoughim pretty sure nearsightedness can be related to growth XD

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  • no, not really. I think you're just gonna be on the more petite side. and there's nothing wrong with that.

  • You might be short, so don't even worry about it. Just drink a lot of milk and eat your vegetables. I have a friend who is like 5'6" and he gets girls ALL the time because he's good looking and has a good personality.

    • You think I'm short? :((( :P

      What about guys same height as girls? Is that ok?

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  • were not done growing until about 25 years of age, when our collar bones stop growing and fully harden. as for height were done growing when were about 18, I've seen 15 year old kids who were 6'2 so we have our main spurts earlier on in our teens. some guys are able to grow full beards earlier on, some men can't grow much facial hair at all, facial and body hair continues to grow and spread as we age. your sight has nothing to do with your growth.

    as for me? I take after my dad in height, he was about 5'11 iam about 5'10, my mom is like 5'1. I would also say I have my grandpas stocky build and my dads long lanky arms.

  • Lol first of all 5' = 5 feet 5' = 5 inches.

    Anyway I grew a bit taller than the rest of my family, my dad is 6' something as far as I know I'm the tallest. For some reason I also don't have much facial hair, beard/stache a bit but that's it. Supposedly guys can grow till they are 21 or so, be better off doing some research on google though. Don't get all excited about the idea of growing though. It isn't a big deal if you don't just try to be happy with your height.

    • How much more can they grow after 18? :P

    • I don't know man you would have to do some research on google, my mom is EXTREMELY short, and I'm quite a bit taller than my father now though. Height isn't going to do that much for ya