Outrageous or what!?

Does anyone else think that paying hundreds of dollars for a prom dress is kind of ridiculous? I mean come on its just fabric and some beads and they want like 500 dollars to wear it one night. I'm feeling making mine haha who's with me? :)


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  • Hey girly!

    Alright, so I'm TOTALLY with you on how ridiculous it is to spend so much money on a dress you will wear for ONE night.

    However, I cannot sew. N'or can I follow patterns. I have a lack of skill thereof, haha.

    So, I carry with me a few pointers and tips for buying a dress that -doesn't- cost 500$. Now, the trick is, don't go to some store that sells dresses exclusively, for one. But also don't go to a store where everything is typically pricey.

    I have found some GREAT findings in regards to evening-wear at even Frenchies (Second Hand Clothing Store, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term).

    I know that some people are against such stores, and that's fine. It's a personal choice, but I have found some near-new dresses that are BEAUTIFUL, at not exceeding the price of 50$. Some of them might need a touch up or two, but that's easy- Take it to a tailer. They will charge you probably between 10-20$ to fix, and you are STILL remaining under the ridiculousness of 500$.

    Also, try vintage shops. Actual vintage shops. If it's your style, that is. I myself am a HUGE fan of vintage, and they have GORGEOUS dresses between 90$-180$.

    If worse comes to worse, and you feel it best to make your dress, by all means do so! :) Just be careful, too, and make sure that your "finish" date is at leas 3 weeks before your prom to make room for potential fix-ups, and such!

    Hope that helps


    • Yeah it did a lot.

      but yeah I'm really good with a sewing machine so I think I can pull it off well.

      and I'm like really really picky so I know ill get what I want lol

    • Haha, I hear ya sister!

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  • Of course it's outrageous but it's called marketing and depends on upon what the seller can make you, as the buyer, think that it's worth. It's the same with jewelry; thousands of dollars for a bit of rock and metal. Nonsense, and it will continue as long as people continue to buy into it.

    If more and more girls started to make their own dresses then you would see the prices drop dramatically. Hey, all you really have to do is wait til after prom season is over and hit the sales. That's what my daughter did the year before her grad and picked up a 500.00 dress for 125.00...great thinking says me.

    • Yeah like after prom my 8th grade year I got a 300 dollar dress for the freshman dance cause it's like formal for 36 dollars. but yeah I missed the boat this year I guess haha.

  • personally I feel that if I'm paying $500 for any clothes it must either be bullet proof, give me xray vison, or have a built in tazoring system to ward off unwanted guests...

    so I guess to answer ur question I really do think its ridiculous and if you can make it. then hey more power to you! and have fun.


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  • yeh I agree! my friend paid £500 for hers! madness! lol.

  • Yes it is ridiculous. I didn't even go to my prom. I think it is a stupid idea.