Girls: do you feel a difference in jeans and shorts/skirts?

I see a lot of questions on here regarding what it means when a guy and girl's legs touch (i.e. if it shows attraction, etc.) However, if you are touching legs with a guy, do you feel differently if you're wearing pants covering your skin (like jeans) as opposed to exposing it (like shorts or skirts)?

Assume that the guy has on shorts himself. Does it turn you on more if you have on shorts, and your skin is touching his? Does it creep you out more if you have on shorts and a guy you don't like touches your legs? And I don't just mean in situations where your legs happen to touch sitting next to each other. I also mean if a guy taps your leg to get your attention, puts his arm on your lap, picks you up and carries you, etc.

Basically, do you like it when an attractive guy touches your bare legs more than your covered legs? And does it creep you out if someone you don't find attractive touches your bare legs more than your covered legs?

I ask because so many girls wear shorts nowadays, I imagine their legs are touched on a daily basis, and I wondered how they felt about that. If they like being touched there all the time, if it doesn't bother them or they don't notice it. Or maybe some girls like jeans because they don't like the skin touch perhaps.


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  • in jeans or things covering my lady parts: oh hey there you legs touching mine

    in shorter skirts: OH MY GAWD GIVE ME THAT D



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