What size shorts should I get if according to the tape measure my hips are 36 inches?

I usually buy size 32 or 33 inch pants but it depends on the product on which one I should go for.

I bought a pair of shorts that were labelled as large, 34 inch waist. When I used the measuring tape to measure the inside, it is 39 inches which was far too large for me. Why is it that pant sizes are not labelled exactly as they are?

I am confused on what size pants I should go for


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  • Although I probably won't get best answer I think you shold of stuck with your usual 32 inche since apparently 40 inch is too big

    • i might as well just give ba but no one can understand the question properly

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  • Wow I didn't know guys pants were different I just know I'm a size 7 but not sure about waist size maybe 30 something

    • like I always thought my waist measurements would be the exact same as they show on the pants.

      For example I ordered these in size 34 from the options link then I returned them because they are FAR too big!

      I measured the insides myself with a tape measure and they weree 39 and according to the tape measure I'm 36 so I'm really confused on the size I should go for

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    • Well its better to get it bigger since you have room to move around and you can tighten the waist if you have to

    • hmm. when I ordered size 34 though it was so big it couldn't even close. when I tend to buy clothing its in either size 32 or 33 so I found that odd it was so big. so I'm not sure what to go for

  • Then go with your usual 32


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  • lol you don't measure your hips. when do you ever wear your pants up there? you should go with your normal size and pants are labelled correctly you buy whatever size you are and depending on what style cut it is it could be larger or smaller waist. guys pants are so easy you just buy your waist measurement and your inseam measurement.

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