Best way to get rid of the hair on my legs?

Ok, so I asked my mom to buy me an epilator. I find it's currently the best way to get rid of the hair on my legs and wanna use it. It's a ''Braun'' epilator. If that matters XD

Ok so how do I use it? XD Like I know the action itself but do I do it before I shower or after? How long should my hairs be for it to work?

Also I noticed the head is replaceable so I'm assuming it needs to be replaced every now and then? How often do I do that.

If it matters, I don't really have that much hair anywhere on my body, and it's not thick anywhere on my legs.

All contributions will be appreciated :) XD

Oh and also what products do I use after epilating and taking a shower? Like body lotion or soothing cream or sth? Or will that irritate the skin?


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  • i use it before showering,it's kind of more painful after showering,and it usually grows back after about a month,maybe three weeks. the head doesn't need to be replaced,it just has different attachments for different areas (at least the one I have)

    • mine doesn't have other attatchments but good to know! And I'll keep that in mind, need to shower after I do it. thank you very much :)

    • if you get ingrown hair easily you should use some prevention cream,but if you don't,just use lotion. you might have some red spots after,but they'll go away in a day or two

    • Thank you so very much! :) I"m giving you best answer for being ever so helpful :)

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  • Exfoilate weekly to prevent ingrown hair

  • Don't use any products for 24 hours or it can irritate skin but waxing lasts longer

    • waxing is too expensive in my country :/ sh*t my damn question got renamed |-(

  • I use hair removing lotion but hate the smell