Should I give up because I'm not pretty?

So this guy used to like me a couple of years ago but I didn't like him but now I do and he knows Because I told him anyways. Recently on Facebook he has been liking pages that are all about hot girls and perfect bodies. I'm really thinking just Because I look nothing like that, he won't like me? :/ what should I do?


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  • Don't you enjoy looking at good-looking guys? All this guy is doing is trying to get pictures of pretty girls into his FB stream, because he enjoys looking at them. Guys are visual, and looking at pretty girls is what guys do for fantasy.

    But that doesn't have anything to do with REALITY, and guys often don't even WANT the girls from their fantasies in real life. One thing really doesn't have to do with the other. I know girls have trouble accepting that, but it's true.

    Those are just pictures; they aren't a real girl with a personality and attitude and who he can actually see and smell and touch. For real life, he wants a REAL girl (unless he's an idiot). So don't worry about that stuff at all.

    One of the girls here wrote a great article about this:



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  • He doesn't like you because you blew him off & will not be your backup plan. Why do you all of a sudden like him now? You can be sure he's wondering the same thing + if he liked you 2 years ago he's had more then enough time to move on from you. Unfortunately when guys have moved on, they have no desire to go back.

    • I bearly blew him off. I was a freshman & I had no idea about that kind of dating stuff. Believe me I wouldve loved to be with him, but no way was my parents were going to allow it & he didn't go to my school. How would I sneak? I never had a boyfriend because I was saving for him, I really like him, he would never be me back up plan, I'd figure that I was his... You can't judge this situation unless you really knew :/ but I appreciate the input...

    • Well you need to go talk to him, tell him how you feel because he's most likely thinking these things. 2 years is a long time to get over someone but if he liked you enough there may be some lingering feelings but you need to stir them up. Just be honest & sincere. And just because he's looking at pics of hot girls means nothing. He knows he can't have them.

    • But I told him I liked him. Like a month ago, it was on FB though & he never replied. & now I just feel weird... I'm so flipping lost in this situation it's bad. Because I don't wanna " bother" him if he doesn't like me & we mess up a friendship.. Ughh. I know where he lives because I was picking up my friend the other day & he lives around the corner from her & I saw him in his garage & I just got some 20 seconds of insane courage & said hi to him. He said well now you know where I live...

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  • Eh ,guys are always trying to get girls that are out of their league .trust me he'll come running back when all the rejections start coming in .

  • I don't believe that's true...those girls would never look that way w/o money. I think this is a question all women face nowadays because of what the media makes us feel like we're 'supposed' to look like. I say if oh believe you should...go for it.

    • Men face the exact same thing.

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    • It seems more like a way of initiating something with you again if that makes sense...I would text him one day out of the blue & say like hey I was going to see my friend it cool if I drop by after. So yeah, I would deff say he wants you to. I would text first just. Incase.

    • I don't have his number :( Facebook it?