Girls: Rate your personality and looks?

I'm curious as to how girls self-rate themselves when it comes to the following categories:

- Looks (obvious)

- Niceness, that is, are you likable?

- Interesting, that is, do you have a variety of interests, are a good student in school, have a lot of friends, or otherwise are balanced/stable/funny, etc?

Girls, please rate yourself from 1-5 with five being the highest, and one being the lowest in each of the three categories above. It would be appreciated if you explained in further detail why you consider yourself whatever rating you gave yourself for each category. I'd like to see if girls rate themselves consistently based on one area compared to another when it comes to overall attractiveness as to whether or not they think guys would find them a "catch". Thanks in advance.


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  • I'd put looks at a 2.5. Pretty average.

    Niceness is something I really enjoy and strive to achieve; I'd say 3.5

    Interests.. I don't share at first, I have to make the decision whether to take the time and energy to get to know someone and visa versa. I would say 2. I have many interests, but I don't talk much and I'm a bit of a nerd so not many people appreciate my interests.


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  • Looks: 2.5 - I have average features.

    Niceness: 4 - I think I'm quite a nice person. I do have days where I will bite someone's head off, but they don't occur that often :)

    Interesting: Hm... 4.5, maybe. That's quite a high score, but I do a lot of different things outside school, I'm interested in many things, I have a lot of friends, I do well in school, and I have a lot to talk about (not sure if it's all relevant though).

    I'm not sure if guys would find me a 'catch', but at the moment I'm not too bothered about that.

    • Thanks for the details. I'm trying to figure out whether or not girls of any particular attractiveness range have similar feelings about their personality, or whether or not the two are unrelated. Thanks again.

  • umm I'm not sure..I'm pretty confident though..

    looks - 3 or 3.5 - I like my hair and my face is generally pretty good except when I get acne outbreaks :/ which is all too common. I'm not a fan of my stomach but I've been toning it a lot lately and I'm getting happier with it. And sometimes I think my legs are too muscular, but sometimes I love them hahah depends on the day

    niceness - 4 - I have good manners, I'm not mean to anyone (I hope!), and I like to laugh

    interesting - 4.5 - I'm not "popular", but I have plenty of friends, I do quite well in school, and I'm an extremely accomplished musician.

    I'd say I would definitely be a "catch" to a guy if he were looking for someone closer to the girl next door than a sexy kitty.

  • Well as a product of self loathing suburbia, I'd rate my looks a 2. My face is OK and I have a bit of a belly. Without said belly I'd give myself a higher score!

    A 3.5 for niceness. I will give you everything and love you most days... but catch me on a bad one and I'm on my high horse yelling gfy!

    Personality I have a bunch of. In high school my score would have been 0 because I was being abused and cried like everyday... in front of people. And now I am mostly in control of my emotions! Except I'm female so there's a cutoff on how far it can go. So probably a 3. Which means in 10 years I've gaines like 3 points on this scale so to me-- I feel like it's a five for me but a 3 for the rest of the world.

  • Looks 3 I'm not a very conceded person I know I'm pretty but not all that

    niceness -0 lol well I have to say 2 reason I'm to straight out don't like bull sh*t and fake people

    interesting 4 yes there's allot about me people like attitude , way I think,my mode swings,and my mystery

    good student 0 not kidding I was bad as can be

    friends 3 I know allot of people but I don't consider them friends

    balanced 5 yes I know where I stand

    stable 3 I'm trying to get that resolved

    funny 2 can be sometimes

  • my friends tell me that I'm a 4.5 in looks...

    id say that I'm vry likeable, not bitchy at all! (I am popular at school)

    i have a good sense of humor and am a good student at school ( I do really well but love to party too)

  • Looks 10/10

    Personality 10/10

  • 1-5 Rating:

    L: I say "3" but guys say "5" (an ongoing aesthetic disagreement).

    N: Consensus on "5" (possibly a "6" for being "too nice" and helpful to people).

    I: Again, consensus on "5" (though I had initially weighed myself in as a 4, since there's always someone whose qualities I admire as superior to my own; my friend argues that this is what makes me "balanced").

  • Looks : 3 I think. I like my face and my body is not that bad either.

    Niceness : 4, well I am a nice person!haha.

    Interesting : hmm. 4? My job in itself is acting, I think it's interesting, and I have a lot of artistical projects. I have a lot of friends, read a lot, watch a lot of movies, etc...

    as to being a catch, guys have told me so, but apparently they take their time at the moment!

    • You're in the acting business? You probably have a lot of gay guys around you, that's been my experience with the last actress chick I dated. lol

    • haha! yeah some of them are! the others are just as complicated as I am anyway! haha!

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