Why does it seem like people always notice your imperfections before you do?

I'm having one of those days where I haven't noticed how bad things look until I get that weird stare from a random guy on the subway or bus. Well, I forgot to shave my stubble this morning and wore a pair of shorts and a tank with a pair of Bobs. Overall I feel I look good, hair nice, make-up nice and bam! my legs have that stubble that's noticeable because of my black hair. Well so far I noticed two guys look at them, because how could you not notice? I have nice shaped legs but they appear to be hairy and I feel awful. Am I overreacting or what?


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  • Well, yeah a little bit. I guess it is a little embarrassing, haha. But there's nothing you can do right now, so don't dwell on it. Just shave when you get home. For me its the other way around, I'm always thinking about how I look. I rarely leave the house without makeup on. But that's because I have bad skin. Its super annoying when my family makes a big deal about me not being able to go anywhere without at least face makeup on. Because they don't have my skin, so they wouldn't understand. As for hair, I don't mind going out with it not done.

    • Yeah my mother likes to call me hairy but she doesn't realize its not a walk in the park waxing every other day.

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  • Well, you seem to have beautiful fur and a lovely set of ears and paws. I don't see how people can not find you adorable.

    You could be in a worse situation, you could be like me and have a hump in your back and walk like a turtle.


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  • Sorry to tell you this but it is no use having nice hair and makeup if your legs are hairy/stubbly... Why don't you just wax, that way you only have to do it once a month and even when it does grow back it is fine hair and not unsightly stubble.

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