What attracts guys?

Say I'm at a party or a club or a bar... what should I wear to attract a guy? I do not want to attract one night stands, rather men interested in a relationship.

38rakia38: Thanks for the reality check :)


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  • Generally speaking a bar or a club is not the best way to attract a potential relationship. Most guys go to clubs seeking either a hook up, fun among their friends, or seeing how many girls they can get to make out with them in one night.

    So if your going to even look for a relationship, I wouldn't recommend going to a club. I met many of my potential relationships and actual relationships at school, work, through friends of friends, etc etc. There are plenty of ways to find a relationship, but looking in a bar or a club could have disastrous results.

    I've personally never gotten a relationship out of going to a club, so, for me, it seems practically impossible, though not improbable.

    Go with something that shows off your best features, something you would wear to accentuate your beauty.


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  • I meet my Boyfriend of three years at a bar with my girlfriends. he works as a engineer and is doing well for himself. You never know. JUst make sure you are confident and talk good about yourself, just make sure not to talk sexual or take the flirting level that then becomes a one night stand thing. Once a one night stand... ONLY a one night stand.

  • Your pheromones. It's true. Really.


    -...walks away...slowly-

  • Most likely your not going to find a guy in a bar or a club who is going to be looking for a realationship girl you need to go to the more practical places like libary or something jion a club you'll find someone