Question about chest hair?

My chest hair looks something similar to link

My upper chest is a bit lighter on hair, same skin color just less muscles.

should I keep it?

shave it off?

trim it? How much of it should I trim, a link would be nice.

thanks for the advice everyone, just out of curiosity would you say shave it off or keep it if I had a baby face?
i mean like I look a lot younger than I actually am


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  • Nah keep it. Most girls prefer a manly crop.

    If that is not convincing maybe trim about 30% at most.

    • Sorry I don't understand what you mean by 30% trim, do you mean by hair size?

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    • Thanks for the BA :)

    • Yw

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  • Keep it.

  • Honestly I think the "it" thing for men nowadays is just being hairless.

    If you look in magazines and TV and such, lots of men get themselves waxed and are pretty hairless in their chest area. Especially of they have nice and or pecs to show off ;o

    But I guess its a personal preference... I like my men hairless.

    Cause I mean.. If I wake up with a guy next to me and I'm like laying on his chest, but its all hairy and stuff... Not the best thing to wake up to you know?

    If you have a girlfriend I guess ask her opinion?

    • I was thinking about shaving it off completely since it is hot in summer time but without hair I feel naked haha. I don't have huge pecs but my over all figure is slim with some chest muscles and slender ab muscles.

    • Shaving won't last very long.. Body hair grows back faster than you think and if your body build is like that, I think that hairless would suit you perfectly fine c:

      On the long run, waxing would help but it'll be painful, not going to lie. But I think it would be better than taking shaving. Easier. There are wax strips at like cvs and such c:

    • I won't do waxing not because it is painful but because I want my hair back for winter time :D

  • It's nice!

    DON'T shave, that makes guys look feminine or childlike.

  • Looks fine to me

  • If you were my boyfriend I would have you wax that off, baby face or not.

    • haha id trim 99% but never wax it, I need my fuzz for winter!

    • Then why the question?

    • summer time when I'm outside :)

  • Keep it like you've always kept it in the past

  • Wax that

  • Very manly!


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