Guys what kind of hair do you like to see on girls?

Straight, curly, wavy...

Also, would you rate her beauty based on her hair? How important is a girl's hair in her appearance?

I would be very thankful if you answer this :)


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    link This looks so cool.

    Im partial to dark hair. Natural looks good to me. Maybe a little wavy. Hair is like the first thing I notice on a girl and if a girl has really great hair that is a big turn on for me.


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  • Straight or wavy and shoulder length or longer, brunettes are the best but other colors aren't bad. Her hair is very important because not only does it make her look good but also it's easy to tell how healthy a person is based on how bright and strong the hair looks.

  • Curly and wavy hair are what I think are most beautiful.

    Her hair, while important and I may base a lot of it, isn't the top priority though.


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