Do you go for someone not that attractive...?

Thinking they will be easier to get? They are not that ugly but not that attractive either (maybe a little below).

If you have done this before, how did it turn out?

Little below average I mean...sorry


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  • Fortunately, I have not, I would have felt terrible about it. The thought has crossed my mind though, but only during low points in my life.


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  • I wonder if that's what happened with me...


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  • it's something only people with low self esteem generally do. does the guy seem like he is self conscious? or just needs reassurance? or does he just like the fact that you like him and seems really alpha male around you but shyer around others? this is a bit of a vague question though. what made you ask?

    • Sorry for the delay...but I was wondering because I heard on the radio that guys go for chubby girls because they work harder to earn your love and are easier to get. Although I am not chubby, I am not that attractive either. I do get hit on by attractive guys sometimes and it made me wonder...

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    • That's very true about getting to know him. Maybe they do see something I don't in me. I should be enjoying the attention insead of being insecure myself I think. Everyone does have insecurities also. Thankss for talking to me :-)

    • haha you're welcome. good luck