What makes a girl unattractive at first glance?

Throughout high school I was called ugly or made fun of by guys who didn't even know me. People tell me I'm one of the nicest people they know. What can I do to attract people so they'll want to get to know me? I still haven't had my first boyfriend yet.

I'm starting college and I also wanted to know if college guys were the same?


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  • What makes a girl unattractive at first glance? It will be different for different people. Here is a list of things I find unattractive at first glance. Sorry if the list offends anyone.

    Short hair.

    Too fat.

    Facial hair.

    Bad teeth.


    Bad skin.

    Unsymmetrical face.

    Giant nose.


    Clothing options that work against the girls body type.

    Not knowing how to apply makeup (correctly).

    If I meet a girl that has a couple of these it is normally okay, but the more she has, the more unattractive I find her.

    • People always point out my nose so, I think that's it. I also had short hair for the first 3 years of high school.

    • link link link These might help.

    • that sums it up only id take a few off bc/ tattoos in the right spot are hot,scars are fine with me unless they are like incredibly noticable.

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  • the easiest unattractive trait to identify is probably fat,

    Because I don't even have to get close to you to know not to look further.

  • Not to be a douche and this doesn't include me but...

    I know guys in college who would f*** a hole in the ground if that answers your question.

  • At first glance, it's going to be her physical appearance that makes a girl unattractive.

    • What things are unattractive, I want to know what I'm doing wrong?

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