At home waxing problems. Help please?

I've waxed my own bikini line multiple times but I always have one problem, there is LOTS of brusing and often the top layer of skin is completely ripped off. I'm following all the videos and instructions of how to properly wax there. Should I just see a professional? If so how much is it usually? I'm a college student and I don't have a ton of money to pay for waxing all the time. Help?


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  • Maybe the wax is too hot... I wax at home and I had never have a problem. Maybe you might want to try different products (it might also be the wax). How about trying it at least once with a professional? If you get a brazillian wax it might cost you around $60, depends on the place actually.


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  • I never had any bruises but sometimes there has been a bit blood. Not not really bloody but like a drop of blood where the hair has been ripped out.

    I think the bruising may come from the way you pull it off. In the bikini area, particulary if you get a brazilian, there are a lot of places that are hard to reach and they're usually very tender too. So it's hard to keep the skin pulled tight there and when you don't do that your skin easily bruises. You will probably get better at this after some time, if not you would just need a few more hands

  • It's usually $50. When you see a professional ask them what they do and pay close attention to how they're doing it. I got a wax once and never again it's so much easier to shave or save and get laser hair removal.

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