Does anyone remember those plastic cosmetic cases from Old Navy?

I am in college that tells you how many years ago this was...

But does anyone remember those square little cosmetic bags that girls used to carry around as purses? I was thinking about them today and would really like to find one.

Does anyone know where I can find and buy one online?


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  • I remember them and I still use mine from when I was little, but I remember when they stopped making them. I had just gotten a second one and my other sister wanted one and so we went back and they said they wouldn't be making them any more so I had to give my extra to her ): sorry I couldn't be of more help. I checked ebay, and it didn't appear to have any...

    • I remember that they stopped making them but I was hoping to find one or two circulating. I checked ebay too. =(

    • Damn. I'm sorry. I have the weird red white and blue one and my sister had the angel one. Remember which strange design you had?

    • I had three...i had a blue, yellow and pink checkered one...a red one with hearts and...I can't remember what the other one looked like.

  • im not sure about ones from old navy, but at bed bath and beyond (and stores like it. maybe even stores like target) they have all kinds of cute cosmetic cases. hope that helps!

    • Yes, thank you! I was specifically looking for the ones from old navy, but I will definitely go look at bed bath and beyond!

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