Has anyone had a nose job? Do you know anyone who had one?

How did it go? Did it enhance any features? Do people tell you, you look prettier?

Please give me details


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  • Thought about it, but haven't done it yet. Mine's like a beak...

    • Omg me too. I'm asking because I'm getting one tomorrow

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    • my wife doesn't think so and in the end that's the only opinion that counts.

    • That's really nice. It truly is

      Awhh. That just gave me hope

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  • I've had a friend in high school who was obsessed with it, don't talk to her much, she seems to be OK but I don't really notice anything different.


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  • I was going to get one. Then in my research found that it can stay swollen for up to a year. A year of a swollen nose. No thanks, I decided to live with what I have. If Owen Wilson can have that messed up nose and be famous I can deal with my slightly crooked kinda big one.

    • Owen Wilson is awkwardely cute

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