The hotter the girl, the smaller the heart?

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The hotter the girl, the smaller the heart?

We all have seen, heard and maybe even experianced what kinda people a**holes, cheaters and players are. Guys who walk in and out of girls lives, when they want something from a girl. But this topic is not focusing on those pathetic loosers and users. Its focusing on girls who have exactly the same traits as these guys, and maybe this conversation can help people to get real, stay strong and enlighten hope instead of continue-sly getting stepped all over the place.


What are your worse experiences of girls coming into your life out of the blue, filling it with hope and before you know it they dissapear like ash in the wind into the arms of another guy?

How many times you have noticed attractive girls being so self centered that they can't even wish back merry Xmas or say thank you when you make the effort of trying to cheer them up when they down?

Have you been in real friends of one of the top girls, and heard all the awful sh*t, and noticed the difference in their voice tone when they talk sh*t about behind their back and face to face?

Have you ever wondered how fast people guys and girls change for the worse when they make it to the big times?

Out of how many of the top 10 hottest girls you have encountered in your life, are about giving back the kindness they have received from the world around them, like helped out others when they were in need?


How can one nice guy turn a bad girl into a good girl?

How to turn a lifetime of failure into a once in a lifetime success?


Hope you understand that the more I meet bad guys or girls, the more it makes me despise the entire human race. MY apologies for all who find this topic too harsh, but I am just filled with anger, hate and jelousy. I don't want to become a bad guy, I really don't but hope you all understand the pain I am going through.

Add Astra Per Aspera & clear the way, for all mankind

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  • I AGREE WITH YOU! about the world. But not girls

    I help a lot of people around me with their relationships and breakups and the more I do that the less trust I have in relationships and the People on this planet.

    It ALL depends on the girl. NEVER group anyone together based on anything. Humans are not that simple when it comes to "good" and "bad."

    There are a lot of beautiful girls I know that have hearts of an angel and get treated badly by guys, they're only flaw is that they go after the bad boys.

    And then there are the not so hot girls who want a lot of attention and get it from multiple guys at once and say whatever to get that feeling.

    You know what I blame all this on? Parents. Fathers not teaching girls that they deserve better and mothers not teaching them how to act like a woman. And Fathers not teaching the boys to act like a gentleman and mothers not teaching them how to treat a girl. If kids are our future then those responsible for the children are responsible for the future. Right?

    This has to change..


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  • Uhm, I wouldn't call myself a bad person, but I kept rejecting and being mean to this one guy because he kept asking me out. He's not a player, but I'm convinced he was doing it as a joke. A lot of people told me. To get to the bottom of it, I asked him and he said he was kidding. But soon after, he hits on me. I couldn't get rid of him. I've been trying to understand this guy. What kind of guy does that?

    • Among guys when the topic is about girls and giving advice to those new in the game of life, they say chicks dig a**holes and make them bitches chase you. I don't know that guy so I am not the voice of God, but based on what you described it seemed like an episode of someone trying too hard to be what he is not and got lost in the game. Maybe you can find out what he is about by direct contact, and remember if a guy is interested ina girl, she has the power to make him a better man.

    • Thanks! That's awesme! that really helped

  • #1: Please don't give up. Don't become that bad guy. Hold out for the nice girl, who you really deserve, just for being the nice guy! Honestly, looks can deceive, in both ways. "Hey, a less-than-perfect-looking guy/girl! They must be kind-hearted!" Well, not always.. The same is true for the reverse "Woo, a hot girl/guy! They must be a dumb-blonde or totally heartless!" Also not always true! Stereotypes are there for a reason, sure.. but in my experience, you just have to get to know someone before you can judge. Keep an open mind, and try to hone your people skills to the point where you can pretty much look at someone and sense if they have good energy or not. You will find that good person for you. Don't waste your time on those people with negative energy. ^_^

    • Sensing who is good and who is bad is very difficult. For example my family tree has no criminal records what so ever, and seem like good examples to the community, but only the ones on the inside know a lot of them have based their success in stepping over others, taking full advantage of their strengths and maximum advantage of other peoples weaknesses.

    • That's not what I mean. It's an energy. It's not based on any history or records or anything, it's simply a feeling, not logical at all. This person could be unemployeed, undereducated, and poor, but their energy is positive, kind, and loving, you know they are a "good" person. I mean good in the genuine, old-fashioned sense of the word, not to mean successful and well respected in the community necessarily.

  • I know that life is hard and people are confusing, but in your rage you've made sexist, sweeping generalizations. You've had unfortunate experiences with girls. Don't blame their bitchiness on their appearances, but rather their personality. Truly good souls will always have good personalities, no matter their attractiveness.

    • Based on your text there is two way understanding, and that is a good start.

  • I have some really pretty friends who are also really nice so..

    • Nice to you or nice to everyone around them, especially the less fortunate ones? For example if someone is being taken advantage of or picked on in school, do they turn right what goes wrong or just walk by and only take action when it becomes their problem?

    • Well as far as I have seen they are nice to everyone. I'm obviously not with them all 24/7 but I have some friends who are just genuinely good people..

What Guys Said 5

  • Yes, in the USA there's a direct relationship. While girls in general get a free pass for heartless behavior, the better looking they are, the broader the conduct they can get away with. REally attractive women are rarely held to account for personal behavior that almost any guy would immediately have to answer for, or apologize for...

    • How do you deal with them? What I want to accomplish is there awakening, so they realize what they do is wrong, and grow their will to want to become better examples for everyone around them?

      When guys cross the lines of ethics, morality and brake their own rules, that's where I step in and get even face to face meetings to settle the scores and talk it out. But with girls, it is so much harder because my feelings for them are way too high and last thing I want is to hurt them.

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    • Don't try to reform them or make them better..hurting them is the only way to reach such women, IF they can be reached at all...some of them can't imao.

      You're going to either be ignored or they will retaliate, and remember they can retaliate in ways no guy ever could do and get away with just cut them off and then back far far away.

    • A female retaliation is scary, that's why men have to pint out their actions when they do wrong so there is nothing to retaliate to, honesty is the key. It takes heart to push someone in the better direction, and it also takes heart to understand who are the reals from the fakes. If one of them go out and use their most powerful weapon known to man, their attractive qualities and send in a tuff guy to beat me up or worse, her name and the case will go to public records, Truth be told.

  • Stop wasting your emotional energy on bitches.

    Problem solved.

    Stop trying to turn people into things that they aren't. If someone is hot but not that nice, then hookup maybe, if not move on.

    • The way people treat others, affects the way others will treat the rest. Human decency is supposed to be expected from everyone, hot or not, black or white, rich or poor, young or old, I mean everyone.

      If you support letting a**holes and bitches do their thing, then hope your views are the same if the day comes you get played and become their victim.

    • You're not getting played.

      Played would be some hot bitch pretending to be nice. What actually happens is she's just a hot bitch. But since she's hot, your instincts say 'get her'. So you run after her. And she runs over you. And you're bitter.

      Stop. Chasing. Bitches.

  • from what I've seen it seems to be true, but I don't think it's true overall.

    • People girls and guys are capable of being like the perfect guardians or angels to the ones that are in their circle of interest. How they treat those who are not in their friend or familyzone, reveals the overalls.

      Thank you for your answer and its interesting to see other peoples results based on their opinions. What I wrote is based on mine, so we all know that it does not represent the statistics of the world.

  • no I don't think so

    • Why do you have a pic of a girl, and an account of a guy?

    • cause why not lol

  • Many if not most hot girls are that way. I've dated tons of them and very few are super nice people. Being that hot tends to make girls spoiled with few exceptions.

    • My old school trainer from a former job was a female, and she always treated me like a real friend. She trusted me more than her best female friends outside of work. I never betrayed her trust, but have very hard time understanding why on earth her X boyfriend(s) who I become friends with later on talk ina very disrespectful manner of her.

      There is more to everyone than meets the eye. How were the girls you dated mean to others and how did you deal with them?

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    • Thank you sir

      The next time I see anyone girl or guy in my list of friends, hot or nor, I will set up my standards out loud and clear if they in my friend zone. This apply-es to everyone, not just hot chicks. And only hope that if those people see me crossing my own line of ethics, they have my real respect if they demand me to make right what I did wrong.

      Maybe one day everyone can learn not to blame each other but to bring out the best in each other, like a brother lookin out for a sista

    • It is better to have a small circle of quality friends and a quality girlfriend, than lots of crappy friends. I've tried both. Go with the first group. Also, learn to tolerate less from women. They often test to see how much they can get away with as to find out if you're strong enough of a man to put them in their place when they act up. Be firm without flying off the hook when you correct.

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