Is there any merit to the stereotype that French Girls do not shave?

shave their legs, under arms, etc. I was just wondering. If you are french or European even what are your shaving habits? Also PLEASE specify your age with an answer because I imagine that might have an affect especially if you include information about your bikini area. (since in Behavior I will word it as such.)


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  • I don't shave my underarms either, but no there is little truth to that sterotype. Most euorpean girls shave/wax just as Americans do. Of course some individuals don't just as over here.

    I spend a semester in Germany in high school and all girls there shaved. Brazilian wax was def more popular over there there than it is here in that age group

    • interesting. Is it just a person decision not to shave? How do the guys take to that? Are they okay with a girl that doesn't shave?

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    • Thanks for the response however I am wondering if we mean the same thing - By underarms I am referring to what some call the arm pits. Is that what you are talking about?

    • oh OK, no I was talking about the part of my arm between my elbow and hand. I do shave my armpits.

      Sorry it was kinda early when I wrote that answer

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