Girls, what do you like guys to wear?

What kind of style do you like on guys? I like to wear Ralph Lauren(t shirts, button downs, polos) and Nike(t shirts, shorts) for clothes. Slim straight leg for Jeans. Vans, Nike, and Sperry for shoes. How is mine?

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  • It all depends on how the guy carries the look he's wearing. When I still hung out with a lot of guys friends, most of them were goth/emo/rocker/metalhead type guys. So I tend to me most comfortable and used to that, just because it's what I'm used to. But if a guy is more preppy, hip-hop, or sporty in style, that's fine too, although I've never been too keen on preppy. As long as it looks good on him. Specific brands don't matter to me at all. The only things that I really don't like are huge pendants, long chains, and saggy pants that you have to hold with both hands to keep from falling down. You can have your own dress style without looking like a moron. I promise you, you can do it (that's for all guys, not just the question asker)! I'll also add, that he needs to dress appropriately for occasions. Aside from all that, I have no real preference.


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  • Sounds like you have good style too me. I want my good to look nice and put together. I don't worry so much about brands. A guy can rock a t shirt, but I would also like him to dress up to go out like in a nice button up shirt with nice jeans. A suit and tie is always sexy too;)

  • Your style sounds cool, I like guys who wear cardigans for some strange reason.

  • i normally go for the guys with Nike, Adidas, and under amour shirts, shorts, and shoes

    • i like the sporty type

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