If only physical attraction meant something to girls?

i like this one girl more than I've ever liked any other girl. she is special to me and I appreciate her so much.

i told her my true feelings, and apparently she doesn't feel the same way. she would always compliment my looks, in person and even on Facebook. she called me beautiful like 3 times and said I was one of the most handsome guys she knows.

so I thought it would be a sure shot to tell her my feelings but that didn't work. how can a girl be so physically attracted to me but not emotionally attracted at all?


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  • This happens all the time.

    A relationship is a lot more than just thinking someone's hot. If that's your only reason for a relationship then you have to reevaluate everything.

    To some girls looks can be important, but actual chemistry is essential. The way you can connect and converse with somebody is extremely important. Maybe she thinks you're handsome but doesn't want to screw up your friendship or doesn't want you for a relationship.

    The age old saying is really resonant here: looks aren't everything. It doesn't matter what she thinks of you physically in a relationship as much as emotionally or mentally.


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  • Intellectual chemistry means more to me than physical attraction. Different girls aim for different things in a man. Some like them for the looks, some for their money, others for the real chemistry - a connection with the guy that is hard to explain. Maybe she really wants a guy who really 'gets her' and she hasn't found one who does.

  • wow! a genuine individual. be grateful you know her. seriously, there are so many users and losers out there who are superficial and silly, that you should be glad that you even know someone who is not shallow.

    you're lucky!

    • girl you would be shaking in your boots if I approached you

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    • wow okay, that was a low blow. apologize

    • sounds harsher than it was meant

  • I was emotionally attracted to a guy whom my friends believed was not so good looking and I did go out with him. I was also attracted to another guy because of his physical appearance but I wasn't really emotionally attracted to him and we never went out. To answer your question, just because a girl is physically attracted to you, doesn't mean she needs to have feelings for you. Isn't it same with the guys? You cannot just go out with a girl just because she's good looking.

    • you're right I won't go out with a girl just cause she's good looking. but, and I think I speak for all guys when I say this, I would (and have) hook up a girl simply because of her physical appearance.

    • Well that's a different story.

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  • Because that's how it works for some girls. And even still, there are some girls that won't emotionally connect with you that would definitely date you because you're so beautiful to them, they would use that to make them look good in front of other girls, and guys that they really want to be with.

    Some girls are conniving, and some are just honest. It's up to you to decide which one you want. But realize not all are going to want you.

    • this girl loves showing off, fishes for compliments, and overall loves attention.

      i figure she would love to make her friends jealous by dating a "beautiful" older guy with a nice car and lots of friends. I would establish emotional connection with her after I get my foot in the door but she wouldn't even let me do that!

    • Who cares? Move on.

  • you're simply not compatible relationship wise. maybe. try to talk to her and find out why she won't date you. maybe it's a minor issue

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