Why doesn't answer questions about someone's face?

When someone asks you what makes someone's face unattractive why can't we just answer them?

Why do we get so pissy and tell the person to f*** off?


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  • Because they can't handle the truth.

    For an example: You.

    Why? It's because you want to know how you can have a handsome face and I told you that you're average to me, and how having a jaw surgery would help. Well, that didn't go over so well with you. So, you have to go to a low level and insult me.

    This is not the first time this has happened. You also, on a different account insulted my friend on here after knowing she did not find you attractive as well.

    Attitude like that is disgusting. When you ask questions about appearances. Be prepared for harsh answers.


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  • NOBODY wants to think they're ugly, even the pretty people think they're ugly, thus we get the anorexia and bolemia and lovely aray of corrective surgeries. Word to the wise, unless you'd like a black eye, or everyone to hate you, stay off the topic of ugly, with anybody.

    • What if they want to know what's ugly about there face and no one wants to tell them...

    • Well then great they finally find out and we have one more plastic attempt at a human being wandering around. Sounds like a party. OR even better their too broke for that and end up hating themselves forever. Either way your going to be told to f off

    • I want to know why I have an ugly face...

What Guys Said 2

  • Personally, I don't like to tell people that they're ugly or unattractive unless my hand is forced. Simply because I believe that all people are attractive to someone whether I'm attracted to them or not.

  • Because pointing out the negatives in someones appearance is not nice espescially if it something that is difficult to change e.g face or height.

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