If something is said to run small, how many sizes do you go up?

Lets say your dress size is an 8 and the sizes are as follows

small 6-10

medium 10-14

do you get the small or go up to the medium?

I usually go up one size in tops) small to medium

but with dress sizes I wouldn't be sure what to do, what do you do?

  • I go up one to two sizes
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  • I go up more than two sizes
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  • If I was in that circumstance I'd get the small
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  • If I was in that circumstance I'd get the medium
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  • If I was in that circumstance I'd get the large..better safe than sorry
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  • If it's 6-10 and 10-14 and I was a size 8 I'd stay with a small thinking that I'd be a 10 because it runs small.

    If it wasn't catergorised like that I'd just get the next size up if it's not too loose.

    If you don't know the measurements and you don't personally know that it runs small, I'd advise you not to get it.

    Logically I wouldn't go up 2 sizes. Just remember that if it's a belted dress it's more forgiving. If it's bodycon one size up wouldn't hurt too bad but 2 would look wrong.

    • Everyone says it runs small, all the reviews actually make it seem extremely tiny..lol it's actually along the lines of...this link It's just under a different store

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    • Lol it's amazon ^-^

    • Well they still get their stuff from individual shops so find out where they're getting it from before you decide to order. :)

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  • It goes down 1-2 sizes...

    making a size 8 ...feel like a 6

  • Id go medium since you can always take it in an inch or two

  • If something say it runs smile you would go up in size. But if you're an 8 and a size small are sizes 6-10 you would probably stay a small. If you can, try finding reviews first! See what they say about the size.

    • Everyone that commented..well they are petite all under 5'4 and one girl said the small barely fit her legs (lengthwise)..she was 5'3..I'm 5'7 ..D:

    • Then you most definitely want to go with a Medium unless you want to turn that dress into a shirt! I'm surprised the size runs that small.

  • nope... wouldn't waste my money... I'd go to another store and not embarrass myself

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