Ladies have you ever had a guy to tell you that you gain all in the right places?

Today it had happened to me and he was saying mmmmmm! Like I was delicious lol! OK my measurements are pretty curvy even though I am a short small chick! 35.5-27-45! But have you ladies ever had this happened to you and you ladies can share your experiences lol!


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  • Sounds like you made him very happy haha


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  • My girlfriend is really curvy and I love her body! She is so sexy.

    She has amazing legs and and a big butt. Her skin is so soft and she smells so good.

    She turns me on so much its crazy! I'm already hard just thinking about her!


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  • Yeah! I'm a bit smaller than you in your measurements(except huge boobs)

    but I'm tall 5-8. Anyway I was this guy for the first time about a week ago and mind you he has a perfect body- head to toe muscles but he isn't bulky, and as I was getting undressed he said " I like you legs" and before I could stop myself I said " well I don't but thanks" and he just laughed and started to rub them. So I guess some guys really aren't into skinny women. He was all over me. I've been with other guys before all who dug my body (no complaints ever) but he was so into it

    • Lol! That's funny girl, yeah they like them some curves.

    • It always comes as a surprise when guys who are really into the gym dig me because I'm like "I don't Jim" I don't squats sometimes but only really in potato chip guilt

    • Do* stupid iPhone