Easiest way to get an ego boost?

Fro me --> put on the tightest shirt you can find - eg. I found this Nike pro-combat dry fit top. Go to the gym, spend 30min-1hr, kick all the other guys' butts on the treadmill, burn 500kcal, sweat like a mofo, and then when you riding the elevator down you bump into this girl who gives you like, then once over 2-3x, smiles, then starts chatting you up. ha ha that feeling is incredible.

You can call me an idiot I don't care. I am vain and I love it.
You know what else is good? I went back to buy another 3 pairs of these because they felt so good - the retail guy sold them to me half price! 18 quid for 3 pairs. Talk about having a good day. He said nothing and I just kept smiling.


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  • Take a really steamy shower, scented oils, then wear a dress and go outside. Guys respond (sight and smell) very drastically and immediately. It's an interesting ego boost.


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  • That is the coolest of cool stories, broseph. You don't even know how much I care.

    • Yeah I thought as much. Which is why I actually bothered to post it as a question. Because it is the coolest story in the whole wide web.

    • Dude, I have literally scoured the Internet for days, trying to find something as righteous as the story you posted. I have had absolutely no luck so far. I mean it when I say thank you for sharing. It gave my life a whole new meaning.

    • Next time, don't bother buddy. Just come on back to me. Come on home son.

  • Jumping in front of a train usually works for me. You should check it out

  • cool story bro!