The Polls Are?

Ok I've heard that women look for

soo many things.

Here's a poll that may give me in sight.

  • Looks,Personality,Sense of Humor
    Vote A
  • Personality,Sense Of Humor,Looks don't matter
    Vote B
  • Sense Of Humor,Looks do and don't matter,Personality
    Vote C
  • Money,Looks,Personality,Sense Of Humor,Other
    Vote D
  • As Long As He's Not Your 1st Cousin,Other
    Vote E
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here's a interesting question

If people choose A won't they be viewed as"shallow"

What's your definition of someone that's"shallow"


Most Helpful Girl

  • i chose A because honestly looks are what attracts you in the first place, then comes his personality (can we carry a conversation, etc) and then most important sense of humor! I loooove a guy that can make me laugh and joke around once in a while! but don't get me wrong looks are not everything. and sometimes a guy might not be that cute to someone else or to me in the beginning but personalty can def. add to that! and make him so much cuter once you get to know him.


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What Girls Said 4

  • in order of importance to me:


    sense of humor/personality



    though I must admit, that initially it is looks that draws me to a guy...

  • I chose C because looks do matter enough to draw you in, but it's the other stuff that keeps you there. And sometimes, people get to know someone, through a friend or something, and start to really like them, event though their looks didn't draw them in, and maybe to begin with they weren't sexually attracted to them. But honestly, if the other stuff is really working for you, assuming you've really gotten to know them somehow, then they will start attractive to you anyways.

  • obviously if there's no initial physical attraction it doesn't go much further, but personality and sense of humor go hand in hand, money is a nice perk, but not a necessity, so long as you aren't homeless or on welfare and can support yourself comfortably I don't see a problem. Plus when it comes to money, so long as your ambitious and have goals that you are actively pursuing, you're all good.

    • but what if the guy has a sense of humor

      can that offset the lack of physical attraction

      And don't women seem shallow relying on

      acouple of traits

      That'll elimanate a lot of men?

      If women don't rethink they'll be single forever

    • Thats all fine a dandy, but when asking what women are looking for initially its looks. sorry. personality and sense of humor can offset looks absolutley. but at first pass looks win. we're programmed to select the best physical specimen, after that personality and humor definitely win. personally I'd prefer average looks with great personality and sense of humor. it just takes more time to select a partner based on personality...unfortunate but true.

  • The guy that I dating currently, I wasn't attracted to him initially. Thought he looked like a dork. But he was so funny and we gelled so well, it's unbelievable. So looks don't matter to me.


What Guys Said 1

  • They are saying that looks attract but you can create attraction. I'm not the best looking guy and I'm asian so most girls aren't attracted to that right away. But after talking with me for a few minutes they become attracted to me.