Does any know to have hair like a Korean boy (in a boy band) but be able to keep it in place?


i was wondering to keep a look similar to that (girly if you will)in place but without ruining the look. before anyone says it gel will reuin the (atleast regular gel)


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  • get it in place and then spray it with a super hold hairspray. If you use the aerosol kind and hold it far away, it will stay looking dry.

    • Don't listen to this chick. she has no idea what she's talking about obviously. just looking for attention points.

      First of all your hair should be thick and straight or straightened.

      Hair must be cut semi faded into a a layer on the sides and back. Bangs kept long, angled, and razerd. Top should also be medium layered.

      It's better not to moisturize your hair before styling.

      Never use gel period or hair spray. Asians only use putty as it doesn't leave the shine and has the hold.

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    • so can you give me and more info about this putty

  • Hair spray?

    • i tried finishing spray it did not work

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    • O I thought. You were going for short and spikey well make if the video is on YouTube make a comment and ask

    • well he was was wearing up rather than down but I supposed I could comment

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