How do you like facial hair?

I'm just putting this out there

How do the ladies like your man's, or really any guy's in general, face to look?

Do you like the clean shaved look?

Rugged with a little 5 o'clock shadow?

That little goatee or a soul patch thing?

A handlebar mustache?

Any other style or thing you like


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  • I prefer rugged or chin strap.

    Although the thought of a handlebar moustache is intriguing :) haha

    • Nice haha

      Because I am seriously debating growng one

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    • Yeah haha

      But it wouldn't happen till next year

      Since my school makes us shave

      Cause it makes us "look like dignified gentlemen"

    • I feel a handlebar moustache is quite dignified haha. I am totally pro handlebar moustache now!

  • Subtle is best

  • I prefer light facial hair, slightly scruffy. Either that or clean shaven. I really don't like soul patches, any facial hair that looks way too carved/styled, or heavy beards. Handlebar mustaches are funny but I wouldn't take anyone seriously with one of them.


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