Ladies: Need advice on changing hairstyle.

Ok, I just recently became single and now have to go through dating again. I Haven't been on GirlsAskGuys for over 1.5 years, so I'm calling back for more help. I'm looking to change my hair and I would like some input from women (preferably those who cut hair for a living) getting a new hairstyle.

My messy hair:


I was looking at something similar to Ryan Gosling.


Or Jon Hamm, of Mad Men fame (Don Draper)


Please rip away, I have a thick skin and will be receptive to criticism. Honestly, I suck when it comes to getting the right cut for my head and hair.

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UPDATE: messy hair link isn't proerly working so here is a random slideshow of messiness called my hair.



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  • Cannot view your messy hair pic because I am not a member of that site. But I really do like both of the hairstyles (I cannot choose). They are both what I would consider safe hairstyles, because they are very common and aren't stepping outside of the box.

    Either of them would look great on you.


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  • Definitely the Ryan Gosling one. The Jon Hamm one looks weird... like a wannabe Italian gangster who's really just a balding middle-aged dude... and it wouldn't suit you anyway.

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