Do you look for flaws in people you find attractive? (Physically speaking)

This q is mainly for girls, but when you look at a man you think is attractive, do you look everywhere on his face? His nose, eyebrows, if his lips are symmetrical (...) etc?

I'm asking because I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does it - I have a friend (male) who's really attractive, and I'm constantly looking at him, trying to find some kind of flaw in him (prob cause I'm seeing him as a mate-competitor-thing).

I have nice eyes, but my nose is a little crooked / weird. Are you checking out every little thing or is there just one feature you like, in general? =)


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  • I would probably find a little crooked nose very attractive. It is better for guys not to be too symmetric or perfect IMHO.

    You asked about features, but I care more for the whole package, like does he look clean, nice haircut, shaved or not shaved but in control, clean short nails... Also I suppose I care more about his teeth, his smile than I do about the shape of his lips.

    It must sound like I am an hygiene freak, but hey, wish I had amazing eyes.

    • Alright,ty for the answer. But do you ever look for flaws?

      Also, do you prefer a small nose (Zac Efron) or a larger, roman one?


    • Well, honestly I don't really find the so-called cute guys attractive at all, so I won't be around enough to look for flaws. As for handsome attractive men, they usually have easy to spot flaws which in the end don't make a difference.

      As for girls, I suppose I would look to see why is that person so popular. Like Angeline Jolie, I don't find her very beautiful at all, but don't men and women love her?

      Zac Efron's nose is okay, but in general I prefer roman !

    • Ok, ty for good answer.

      Y, I don't find her attr. either.

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  • Usually no. I'm more critical on myself than anyone really. There is a guy I find very very attractive, and he may be bowl-legged a bit but, that doesn't matter. Just because I'm attracted.

    • Ok. I have some sort of "extra" cartilage around my nose. It makes it a little assymetrical, but not much. Also, there's some cartilage inside it, so my nostrils aren't wide open, you can't look me all the way up the nose lol

      Do you think you would notice this or similiar facial "flaws"? :D

    • Lol well considering it only is ANOSE. Maybe I'd notice it, but woulden't really care too much.

  • No, I don't look at guys like that. If he is cute, then to me everything on him is flawless. But when I look at girls (only as friends] sometimes I look at them more in depth then guys. That's just my opinion.

    • Ah OK, so just like me. Have you never looked for a flaw or something like that on purpose, on a guy? Sometimes it irritates me how perfect some people look. Lol.

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    • Ok, ty!

    • No problem. ;)

  • no. I just think whoa, he's cute/handsome/hot. lol. also, I really don't believe that symmetry = hot because plenty of attractive people aren't exactly symmetrical.

    • Ok, so you don't have to be perfect? Cause my nose is kinda weird


    • lmao, no you don't have to be perfect! :P some of the cutest people I know have little flaws :)

  • No, but after a while knowing them, the flaws begin to appear automatically.

    • Phyiscally speaking?

    • yeah... like after you've been liking someone for a while you realize they have big nose, or weird ears and so forth

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