How do you go from fit/athletic to skinny fat?

From muscular and athletic to soft and feminine? how does one go about that?

by skinny fat, I don't mean chubby or anything--I just mean with a more out of shape appearance and yeah, more fat, less muscle?

I've not been working out and I've been eating less and nothing. The only thing that begins to show for me lack of effort is my arms. I tend to get soft there quicker


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  • There is no safe way to lose muscle mass unless you have an excess of it on your body, similar to bodybuilders. The only way to deliberately lose muscle mass for someone in your situation who does not have an excess is to go into such an extreme calorie deficit that you are also affecting organ functions and overall body health. Being sedentary will lose you the functional gains that come with having all that muscle, but the actual muscle mass will stay relatively the same as long as you eat enough to maintain your body's current state of health and will only get covered over by a layer of fat that may be substantial enough to hide the definition.


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  • Why do you always ask the same question... Go read about muscle atrophy and learn about it... You'll likely discover things like long term fasting and protein deficiencies lead to muscle wasting. To pack on fat, obviously eating simple carbohydrates before bed would give you a fat suit...

    • Why are you answering my question if you have a problem with it?

      I'm not seeing results and since you people on here are oh so intelligent regarding health and seem to be know it alls, I'd like for advice

      Don't answer if you don't like my question

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    • You're the first person I've ever talked to that actually wants to lose muscle (which is an unhealthy goal). Usually people people want to build muscle to strengthen their bodies and protect them from injury. You are kind of trying to self impose muscular dystrophy which I find odd.

    • Maybe you should quit answering ALL of my questions since all you seem to contribute is a condescending attitude rather than actual answers

      thanks and bye

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  • Going to skinny fat isn't going to be good for your health. When you basically increase your body fat percentage, no matter what your weight or size, it is bad for your health. You don't have to be fat or obese to increase your risk for heart disease and health problems. When you have an increased body fat percentage you are at risk for health problems.

    Lean muscle mass, low body fat percentage is just fine.

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