What is your view of short or tall?

Not asking about the average, I'm saying when you're standing next to people or even just looking at them, which heights tend to seem "tall" and which seem "short" to you?

I ask this because I know we have these numbers that are below or taller than average, but I saw someone on here say that doesn't matter, its how you feel about height that will impact how tall or short they are, including your own height. so also what is your height?

My sister is like this. She's 4'11 and what seems tall for her seems short or average to me.

and does this impact your preference in partners heights?


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  • I agree. The official numbers can be whatever they want to be. That's not going to change how other people see you or how you see other people. I'm average height by the stats, I'm 5'4, sometimes 1/4-1/2 inch over 5'4 when the doctor measures me, but I think that may just be my hair lol anyway one of my best friends always calls me short all the time, and she is 5'8. she knows that the average height is my height, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't think the average height is still short, and she does. People who are 6'2 think I'm short as well. My friend who is about 5'0 thinks I'm tall. I don't mind either way.

    I'm the opposite, from my perception my 5'8 friend doesn't seem tall, even though I know she is tall in comparison to the average female height in the u.s. She's taller than me, but honestly when I'm standing next to her, sometimes I just think "youre only about an inch taller." she's at least 4 inches taller. the only time I really grasp how much taller she is, is when we are standing next to each other and looking into a mirror. then I'm like "oh..." 5'8 doesn't seem tall to me, even though it is taller than I am. I don't start getting the "you're tall" feel when I'm standing next to someone, until around 5'11-6'1. and 6'2-6'5 is perfect for guys that I want to date. I just love really tall men. trees! ^__^

    i like women too, but my height obsession is mainly for guys.


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  • I'm 30 and 5'1" so practically everyone feels talk to me. But people of around 6' make me feel small.. It used to bother me when I was younger but now I don't care. I have no height preference at all. My fiance is 5'11 and gets an ego-boost when we go to my home place. Obviously taller women prefer a taller guy but a guys height is of no significance to me as I grew up with "small" men, my father and brothers. So I know in the grand scheme of things its not the size of the dog but the fight that's in him that matters

  • I'm 5"5 I think lol, people who are 5"2 or under are short to me. Anyone who's 5"7 or taller is tall to me. My boyfriend is my height or a bit taller but height isn't really a factor in relationships or dating for me


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