How are leagues concerned when it comes to flirting?

So, I was wondering, do people generally go for people in their own league? or do they aim higher? I am asking because I have been asked out by guys who I deem... unattractive, am I considered in their league? I consider myself pretty attractive in fact (not trying to be cocky...) and I am attracted/have crushed on guys much more attractive than the guys who asked me out. Does this mean I am aiming too high? or I've simply been unlucky when it comes to guys asking me out? I'm not trying to be shallow, but the guys who've asked me out didn't know me on a personal level, they just approached me. Do people tend to approach people they feel safe asking out (i.e. people of their own league) or do they go straight for the more attractive people? Should I lower my standards?


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  • Lemme hit you with a stupid saying- A good farmer who harvests a few sh*t grains doesn't make him a poor farmer.

    You are probably not a sh*tty farmer and by sh*tty farmer I mean an ugly girl(tangibly speaking). and by sh*t grains I mean ugly boys.

    Actually, the idea of guys hitting on you should reinforce your assumption that you are attractive.

    Sadly to say, ugly people don't get hit on the often if you haven't noticed.

    so Simply put, it's human nature. Your features tend to appeal to guys. Take it as a compliment. When you put yourself into those "ugly" guys positions, who would rather hit on. The cute girl or the ugly girl?


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  • I don't think there are women in leagues a low as mine lol.

  • don't worry about the standards. those six packs don't equal to having more fun with the person.

    ofcourse looks are important but you need to take into account the personality of the person too.

    don't worry men will ask hotter girls out if they're more confident. if not they'l stick to the lower leagues (not even they're own)


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