Am I fat guys please tell me...

I'm a 23 year old girl. I weight 82 kgs... 173 cm.

Please be honest with me guys. Everyone around me says you aren't fat ext but I wear 34-32 jeans and, huge ass, saggy arms ext. Nobody is supporting me... Neither my family or friends... Do you think I am fat? I know you need a pic but I can't send. Please help .)


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  • A little chubby maybe, but not bad in my opinion. Do any of these bodies look similar to yours link

    • more like this but with a little fatter legs and thinner waist. link

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    • Hehe thanks. You are right.

    • Actually I found someone link this is looking like me. I wear 42 Eu tho this lady looks like my body. Except I don't have a big stomach like this. Put a little stomach fat from her to my butt and think like that...

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  • You might be considered overweight, but not by that much. If it really bothers you, start making changes to fix that.

  • you know, being fat is almost like being rich. everyone around you kiss your ass and never say anything negative. they are simply not able to tell the truth.

    of course you're fat. actually very fat.

    if you're 173cm that means you should weight from 55 to 65 kg... depends on your body structure. so you're like 20-30kg overweight. and that's a lot.

    honestly it surprises me that you would actually need someone to tell you this.

    • I weighted 68 and I was like sick...

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    • please don't, just don't. you ARE fat. there is absolutely not discussion around this fact.

      you see this chick link ? she's a fitness model so she's not skinny by any means. she actually has some muscles on - see her legs.

      you know how tall she is? 171 cm. and weight? 59kg - with muscles.

    • Man did I say ''I'm not fat or I don't want to lose weight!'?

      I said it doesn't look good on me being 65 kgs, I was 68 kgs WITHOUT muscles and my face was like ILL.

      Plus I don't think that fitness model is attractive at all...


  • If your above 20% body fat your considered Obese.


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  • Going by the picture you have linked in the one of the comments... - Yes, you are.

    You should be at least 130-135 - link - She's 138 pounds and 5'8"...

    Start working out.

    • Eww not attractive to me lol

    • I'm more like this woman. But put her stomach fat in my butt. I don't have a big stomach fat like this but bigger butt.


    • That's still fat.

  • you're overweight but my boyfriend says he would do you. Are you healthy? Do you eat right? Do you exercise?

    • Thanks to your boyfriend lol

      I'm healthy for now but don't eat right or exercise at all...

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