How do I dress stylish while remaining comfortable??

I'm the kind of girl that wears jeans, tee, hoodie, and sneakers. I've been told that I should dress more feminine many times. I do feel insulted by that but I somewhat agree that it's time for a change. What can I wear that's comfortable yet stylish and feminine?

Things I don't think are comfortable are:

-strapless tops or tops with very skinny straps

-flats (I'd actually rather wear heels than flats)

-lowcut tops

-skinny jeans

-anything that shows leg

I'm also uncomfortable carrying purses (no I would not consider myself a tomboy, just a very frumpy dresser)


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  • You were me, last year and I definitely know the answer! I know you asked 8 months ago but I wanna answer! I'm like the kid who's jumping up and down in her seat! =)

    You can still wear all the things you wear but differently! Instead of a t-shirt, try a blouse! Instead of a hoodie, try a cardigan or a light weight jacket. Instead of jeans, wear slacks! Its basically all the things you wear now but in different textures! make sure these things fit too! Wearing oversized casual clothes can make you look homeless! (yikes!)

    As for shoes... avoid sneakers! They are so sloppy looking! I hate flats too! I'm a boot person! There are boots with 1 inch heel that are so comfortable. A wedged boot or heel that is 1-2 inches are also very comfortable.

    I hope I helped!


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  • You're already comfortable in heels which is helpful, so just match some heals with you're normal jeans and check out some tops from:



    If it's too pricey for you target usually has a cheaper verison and both stores usually have really great clearance sections. You'll be comfortable waist down and eventually you'll get used to the tops. Also try graphic tees instead of normal tshirts. When you say heels do you mean chunky boots or something? Because there's a defference. Usually the strappier and skinnier heel the shoe the more feminine it is. Wedges and good too but ttry not to get oo chunky. Stay away from platforms.

    As others said before, jewelry is a fast way to make anything look more feminine. Go with drop or hoop earrings and charm bracelets are good. Usually anything dangly is classified as feminine. Another easy way to go is hair accesories.

    Good luck.

  • I use to be in a similar position. Here's a few changes I made:

    Layering. If you find a cute long sleeve top but it's lowcut, get a short sleeve shirt to put on under it. And who knows, maybe after a while you'll feel comfortable with just the long sleeve shirt.

    Long, flow-y skirts. You can where shorts or capris underneath them to make you feel more comfortable.

    Form-fitting clothes. Not super-tight stuff, just hoodies or t-shirts that are smaller and stretchier so they show off your feminine curves a bit more.

    Also, try wearing a couple pieces of jewerly or earrings. Even if you're wearing tomboy-ish clothes, dangly earrings will usually keep you looking feminine.

    • Yeah I often wear jeans and shirts that are tighter that show off my curves but that's not good enough. My friends still say I need to dress more feminine. All good suggestion though. I really like the idea of wearing jewelry because I only wear one piece of jewelry (a ring). My ears aren't even pierced (they used to be). I can't afford jewelry though :(

    • Maybe get a cute belt for your jeans. And yeah jewerly's sort of expensive, but I have one pair of earrings that I wear all time whenever I don't feel like wearing the few sets of post earrings I have, and I get compliments on them ALL the time. As long as you get just a couple pieces that you really love, you'll definitely be getting your money's worth.

  • You can stick with your hoodies and sweats or whatever...but get cute sneakers, like maybe nikes or dc's...whatever one looks good to you

    And you can instantly "feminize" [?] your look by throwing on some cute hoop earrings, bracelets, or rings...

    I do this ALL the time and people compliment me when I'm just in a hoodie, jeans, and my air forces with some cute earrings...nothin extravagant, but still fashionable