How to wear black and white only?

=D New job uniform. I like it. Classy. I'm selling jewelry so I think I should be wearing theirs to go along with it. I'd appreciate any suggestions. :)

So far I have two plain black and white t shirts. Two black pants. Black skirt. Leggings. A few black shirts. Black sweater. I want a fancy white shirt, like a blouse. Maybe a white vest type thing. Maybe a stripped shirt. Something looser and longer.

I do have a lot of clothes. But I hardly wear a lot and they've been there for long. =o Maybe I should give some away.

Any suggestions on some new white and black outfits, for fun? Thanks.


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  • You're going to look like a vampire, but it's trendy now, and the other workers will look the same.

    Just for a lark, try wearing vampire fangs sometime.

    Wear the nicest quality leggings that enhance the shape of your legs. That's the only way to show individuality here.

    • Thanks for the best answer're one of my favorite people here, you know!

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  • Seems like the white blouse with the black skirt and leggings would work. Maybe heels if you want.


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  • What about a poka dots or stripe patterns?white dress shirts/blouses and a black pencil skirt is always a classic style.

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