Do you consider this dress too short or a fine length?

I'm just want to get a vibe of what girls think is appropriate. Guys can answer too if they want. This will be a multi-part question. link (you may have to click on the picture to zoom in)

1. Do you think the dress is fine or too short?

2. If she was wearing shorts the same length would it make a difference as opposed to it being a dress?

3. Would you wear a dress the length? (for guys it can be would you want your girlfriend wearing that)

4. If you think it is too short, tell me what is a appropriate length (either though detail or a picture)

For 2 for shorts, I meant if she was wearing shorts and a shirt, not shorts under the dress to clarify.


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  • 1. I don't think it's too short, I wear much shorter on a weekly basis ;)

    2. As most people have already said, short shorts are generally more accepted than short dresses. Mainly because if you're sitting down or walking up stairs in shorts nobody will see your undies, whereas they'll probably show when in a short dress.

    3. Yep, I really like the length and shape, nice and flowy(: I also really like body cons(:


    • How much shorter?

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    • haha no I like that one for prom, I meant the Asian girl's dress!

    • Oh, I was getting confused, now it makes sense why. I guess some girls like the shorter dresses over the long and possiblely poofy ones for prom. But it seems like those are more homecoming. The asain girls dress would work for clubbing though.

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  • 1. It's not ridiculously short, but I doubt she can sit down it in- so I'd say it's borderline too short.

    2. Hard to tell- if she was wearing shorts and her butt wasn't hanging out then I wouldn't say anything. See the difference between shorts and a skirt is that skirts automatically ride up when you sit and then, depending on what you're wearing under it, your bare butt touches whatever you sit on, not exactly classy. Shorts at the very least tend to keep the essentials covered.

    3. Not a chance- she looks great, but I'm just not comfortable in skirts/dresses that short, I'm always paranoid I'm going to sit wrong, fall, the wind will come up etc., and I'll give people a show I never intended. I'm also a fairly active girl so I don't like always having to worry about what I can and can't do because I'm in a skirt/dress. When I wear skirts/dresses, they tend to be longer, just above my knees or mid-thigh at the shortest.

    • So, it makes sense to wear if you do not plan on sitting much?

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    • I don't really get it- they're not pants and some of them are actually a little see-through. But again, to each her own. I'm not a leggings person at all, but at least the essentials are covered in a general way...

    • So nothing like this link lol

  • 1. I think the dress is fine. I've seen plenty of girls wear shorter dresses. Blake wore this dress for example that is much shorter than the one your showing link

    2. I don't think it would make any difference. To me, the dress isn't even that short and wouldn't even be the same length as a pair of short shorts.

    3. I would definitely (and do) wear dresses that length.


    • You the first person to recognize her. She has amazing legs. Anyway, the dress in your link is shorter, but the one in might link is flowy. So, I figured that would factor in.

    • She does have really amazing legs!

    • What would you consider too short of a dress?

  • 1.I think it's fine. Wouldn't consider it shot really - I've seen people in much shorter.

    2. Like I said - I think it's a fine length, and I really dislike it when people wear shorts under dresses; I get why they do - just in case - but especially so with a dress like the one in the picture; it would ruin the outfit completely if you could see them at any point.

    3. Yes. I wear dresses that length pretty often. Usually if I'm doing it in the day time with tights.

    • Can you change 2 for the update? Thanks.

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    • I just don't. Or trousers. I prefer skirts and dresses.

    • Amazing, not many girls nowadays would say that. That's awesome.

  • 1. fine by me,if it's what she feels comfortable in.

    2. well the fact that it's a dress increases the possibility of crotch shots and it looks pretty windy,so I think it would be wiser to wear shorts.

    3. no,i only wear dresses with tights and the length should be at fingertip level for me to wear it.

    • How can you tell it is windy?

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    • usually just brown,black and grey,but I would love to get blue ones,i'm just waiting for them to stop being trendy lol

    • Blue tights are trendy? Must only be in Europe then.

  • Not too short.its fine. Shorts wouldn't make a difference to me. I would have no problem wearing something that short

    • Why is she wearing a jacket with it?

  • 1. I consider this length to be more than fine, I fail to see how anyone could find it too short.

    2. Yes, then the shorts would be a bit too long.

    3. I often wear dresses that length and shorter.

    People on here seem to be quite conservative...

    • How are people conservative? Only one person thought it was short?

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    • Wearing tights (or anything else) underneath dresses when the weather is warm enough just for the sake of modesty is insane and a bit disgusting, honestly.

    • I do not see a problem with it.

  • The dress is not that short esp with the jacket.

    Shorts the same length wouldn't look short because its like to half her thigh she might have long lega so it looks longer on her.

    Id wear that dress length

  • 1. I think it's fine.

    2. I don't think she should wear shorts... instead she should wear a girdle under.

    3. yes the length is not bad at all :)

    • I meant shorts instead of the dress, not under the dress.

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    • yes I do sometimes; but what's the point of your question..? I don't get it XD

    • I just wanted to get a general idea of what girls though was a appropriate length for a skirt/dress and I'm kind of bored too. Not really surprised by the answers.

  • 1. I think it's short. she's very tall...but if I'm correctly judging where her butt is supposed to be, it's short. I don't know how she'd sit in that comfortably

    2. yes, if those were shorts, it would be more acceptable (imo)

    3. I've worn very few dresses that short and it was always for a party or dancing...wouldn't wear something that short during the day

    4. see where the black railing is? I would like this dress a lot better if it reached that length on her legs.

    • Was is it different for partys and dancing?

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    • i'd say between 4.5 and 5 inches

    • What's with the jacket?

  • Where am I starting with this one? Hmm. The necklace is nearly as long as the "dress" -- which looks more like a shirt and really should be worn with leggings or shorts, yes, even on a hot girl. The shoes are horrible (horrible!).

    Yes, shorts would be better. No, I'd never wear a dress that length without some sort of additional layer. While it would look awesome, I really just don't approve of the length. A skirt should always be MAX two inches above the knee. Not because of how it looks when she's standing up, but when she sits down, there's absolutely no coverage.

    • I do not get the shoes or necklace either.

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    • Okay then. I respect that.

    • ;-)

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  • Its fine.

    Would also be fine.



    Shoes are a little dumb for daytime wear.

    • The pic is of Blake Lively from the set of a show she is in, so that explains the shoes.

    • Oh. Crappy outfit, but the skirt length is good.

  • looks very tasteful to me, because she has the legs and ass for it. definitely needs to have on something appealing under it, because when she sits or moves certain ways that would be visible, and people will definitely be looking.

  • Haha thanks for the GG photo, god I can't wait for October, final year it's running :(

    • Your the first person to know the show. I have never watched it but I can still appreciate Blake and Leighton. Anyway, you have a answer for the question?

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    • Ahhh, stop playing with me, I already can't wait until October :P