Favorite makeup brand ladies?

What is your favorite makeup brand?

Eye shadow- Loreal

Eye pencil- Loreal

Mascara- Rimmel

Liquid liner- Revlon

Foundation- Revlon

Bases and primers- Loreal

I absolutely HATE Maybelline. LOL I have tried SEVERAL of their products and hated them all minus Colossal Lash. Any recommendations?

  • Maybelline
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  • Loreal
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  • Cover girl
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  • Almay
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Whoops. Sorry ladies I don't do high end make-up because I don't wear it often enough and my skin is so dang GREASY that if I paid $40 for some foundation that I couldn't use I would have to drop kick a paint bucket! I gamble my make-up dollars on things that are decently priced and best of all RETURNABLE!


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  • Eye shadow - MAC, Urban Decay, Inglot

    Eye pencil - Make Up For Ever

    Mascara - Lancome

    Liquid Liner - L'Oreal

    Foundation - Chanel, Make Up For Ever, Laura Mercier

    Bases/primers - Urban Decay, Benefit, Smashbox

    I like the Maybelline Expert Wear quads; they don't have the best color payoff or staying power but they're a reasonable price and they take the guesswork out of what eyeshadow colors to use for when you are feeling uninspired.

    Unfortunately, I think pretty much all of the brands I chose test on animals but I can try to make a list of cruelty free companies if that is something you are concerned about.


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  • Omg lol I really love Maybelline and there foundations have been great for me, also enjoy L'oreal. I have to say love the liners from l'oreal they are the best, and I love the covergirl lip perfection lipsticks they are amazing!. I pick Maybelline cause the most products I use constantly are from them. by the way what products have you tried and hated from them?

    • I work in make up and I get to buy the products I want to try. Return if I hate them. I've gone through about 6 mascaras, they sucked. Several eye shadows, they didn't stick. Three of their pencils and two of their liquid liners. FAIL FAIL FAIL. Lol

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    • I have some wet and wild color combos I like pretty well. So yea I'm into those

    • Haha cool they are a great brand for the money ,lately they been coming out with a lot of stuff that's amazing also there matte lipsticks are so pigmented and good! :)

  • I use Physicians Formula for concealor and foundation because it's the only brand that doesn't make me break out too much during special occasions. I have extremely sensitive skin and when I was in Drama club during high school I'd always have nasty pustules and cysts from the old Clinique foundation when it was performance times. I have tried Lloreal's False Lash mascara and I didn't really notice a difference with the way my eyelashes looked before and after I put it on. But lucky for me, PF offers special packs of eyeshadow and eyeliner based on your eye color or the look you want - for example, casual, eye candy, smokey eye, universal looks, pop collection. PF may be a bit expensive but it's worth it!

  • I voted Maybelline because I love their mascaras. But for eyeliner my favorite brand is Urban Decay, and for foundation my favorite brand is Bare Minerals.

  • Skin care: Helena Rubinstein

    B.B. cream - Bobbi Brown, Dior

    Eyeliner - L'Oreal, Makeup Forever

    Mascara - Estee Lauder

    Lipstick - Makeup Forever

    Tint/lip balm - Benefit

    Eyeshadow - none I don't put on any eyeshadows

  • I like covergirl their make up kits for eye shadow is best

  • C or b

  • the body shop's products are great, and so are deborah, kiko and l'oreal

  • I like Orgins they're organic and the products are amazing! Highly recommend(:

  • What mascara by rimmel do you use?

    • The purple sexy curves

      Scandal lash orange tube

      Lash accelerator in gold and black

  • I don't have one brand for everything. I use different ones.

    Mascara would be maybelline though I have tried some other good mascara I liked from rimmel.


    Concealer..bobbi brown and make up forever



    Eyeshadow..loreal or maybelline

  • I really like maybelline. I use the foundation, eye shadow and for mascara and I'm in loooove with their "baby lips" lip balm.

    But I I use covergirl's eye liner and blush.

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