Strechmarks after baby?

Well I have had two children within two years, and a lot of men have told me that stretch marks really don't bother them and my husband tells me all the time I still look the same. I am still the same weight as before children so I lost all my baby weight and baby fat- My my stomach is a scar mess lol. Still a little flabby in the front and lower abdominal area but I'm working on that. I still have my curves but I can't see passed the baby tummy what are your thoughts. If you are married with kids or single and met a girl with them would you be able to look pass them?


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  • If I was your husband I wouldn't mind at all. You got back to your pre baby weight, that is a huge accomplishment. Don't worry about sretch marks, I'm sure he doesn't mind.

    I bet it's not half as bad you as you think it is and considering you're still very young it's probably gonna improve greatly over the following months

    I think it does make a difference though wether she's got those strtch marks because she was carrying your children or because of something else

    • I know us girls beat ourselves up more than we should and are our worst enemies just curious of different thoughts and other girls that may be feling this way and shouldnt- I think its more the flabbiness and getting very sick a year ago and surgery really off set my muscles down there since after kids most woman our muscles separate so hopefully soon enough theyre come back together thanks for being gentle about the situation. And I know if he says it just like all you mean it

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    • doesn't mean it. But I'm also sure he means it. Most of us aren't idiots,we understand there are changes to womans body when she has children. And after carrying his children he probably loves you more than before. A few stretch marks won't hurt

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  • quit whining. He likes you the way you are. What more do you want.

    • o jeez thanks I know but I was just curious to see what men really thought of them and ill take it really doesn't matter- its the same as men asking about there d*** size we don't care but you do...thanks though I guess it sums it up lol

    • that's a great comparison. Does it matter in real terms? Yes probably. You aren't going to be a supermodel with stretch marks but that's not the goal is it? Same as if my D**** was a bit longer maybe a girl would get that much more pleasure. But the point isn't to be a perfectionist. The point is to be GOOD 'NUFF

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  • I have some & have never been pregnant. (Not many & they aren't dark/thank god) I never get complaints. Guys are normally simple. If your live in boyfriend of 9 years said your scretch marks doesn't bother him, he's telling the truth. Your still very beautiful in his eyes, if fact he sees you in a Special different Light since you had both his kids.

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