Girls please explain/help me understand this

Yes I know this is a generalization. Some girls dress let's say in a attractive feel pretty. Why do they do this. They know they will be looked at and hit on. Then complain when they do get hit on. So I'm confused. Basically this question came to mind because my girlfriend. She got a new outfit today for school and it shows her belly and she is wearing pretty short shorts with them. (Her butt isn't hanging out of them). And I asked why she would wear that and she said to feel pretty. Then I asked her if she needs to get hit on and looked at to feel pretty and she said no. And she complains about getting hit on all the time. So can anyone explain this to me?


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  • I wonder why guys hit on girls who are not receptive in them.just because a woman looks good to you doesn't mean she's gonna want you. If a guy sees a girl looking sexy, but her body language is closed to him, she doesn't pay him any attention and she's obviously showing him no sign of interest, why hit on her?

    I could be wearing a revealing outfit but if an unwanted guy is around me I'm gonna ignore him.when he hits on me I'm gonna wonder why he couldn't tell that I didn't want to be bothered? Whether I'm wearing a short skirt or a nuns habit,I act the same way to guys I'm not interested in.why not hit on girls who seem interested?

    Plus a lot of guys are rude and overbearing and not respectful when they hit on you.ask any girl. And they are like that regardless of how you dress.

    • Well we're not mind readers. It takes a minute or two at least of hitting on you to figure out, yeah she's not interested. But you can't tell from across a room that she isn't interested.

    • Well lets put it this way. If we aren't across the room from each other, but actually close by. And I don't make eye contact with you, don't smile at you and give you flirty glances. And you approach me and I just give you a dead pan stare...that should be an obvious indicator. It doesn't take that long

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  • I wouldn't complain if I got hit on, I'd take it as a compliment. However, many times guys aren't exactly polite when doing this and girls end up creeped/freaked/grossed out. That's why they would complain. But I don't just get dressed up for guys, I like to feel nice and not like I've let myself go.

    • So it makes you feel pretty basically?

    • Yea pretty much. If I went out in trackies and a hoodie everyday, I'd feel like a slob.

  • Some girls dress so they feel better if they really wanted to get hit on they would dress more provocative since that's obvious what they prefer

    • If I saw a girl wearing this id think she was slutty...she said it was stylish and in.

  • I dress nice and try to look good for myself even if I'm at home or going hiking where there are barely any people!

    Possible Reasons:

    -its fun and creative to pair things together and look nice

    -most of us are raised to try to look pretty (we're put in flowery dresses and told we're pretty at the age of 5)

    -some girls might like the attention

    -some girls dress up for others girls or to prevent other girls critiques

    -some love fashion

    -some work their butts off to have a nice body and want to show off their dedication and hard work to being healthy and fit.

    -we're trying to impress someone (boys and/or girls)

    -A lot of girls I know dress their best before a test and others come in pajamas. lol

    -girls will want to look pretty in the city

    -just in case if there are photos

    -just to feel good!

  • We girls get dressed up not for the attention of boys, for the attention of girls. (Yes even the straight ones.) We girls feel the need to be pretty so we can feel superior around girls who aren't as nicely dressed. Get what I'm saying? Ahh.. great I sound shallow @_@ Well we do it to make ourselves feel good and it's a nice confident boost. Also for some girls who complain about being hit on and dressing up too good.. Lol at them, they just want male attention.

    Me personally, male attention is a bonus. But I don't dress for boys. I dress for myself and for girls!

    • Nope. The number one way women feel superior to other women is through how much attention they get from men.

      Both men and women dress up for members of the other gender. Not their own. Well at least the gender they're attracted to.

    • Thats not true. I dress good to make myself feel good not for men. Yeah the attention from boys is a bonus and gets me flattered, but I dress up so I can feel good about myself and I like to look pretty. me and my friends do that for these reasons.

  • Maybe she feels you don't give her enough compliments or attention. Some girls do that to get attention and to be noticed. Girls just like guys have egos that need to be fed, it makes girls feel more confident and not so insecure. Also society is to blame for the way people dress because they see models in magazines wearing it so they have to. Its a they look sexy so will I type of mind set.

    Try giving your girl more compliments especially when she's dressed down in sweats or just jeans and a tshirt. Make her feel pretty and wanted.

    • I honestly shower her in compliment and I mean ever one of them. She knows I don't like it when she wears makeup. And I actually like her best in somthing like sweats and a pj shirt or somthing like that. She tells me all the time how I make her feel like a princess so I just don't think that is it. Can you think of any other reasons?

  • Idk about that, I do like to feel and look nice, but I'm not going to complain if someone tries to talk to me, its jut confirmation that I do look nice. If I wore an outfit that I thought I looked really good in and no one looked at me or complimented me I would be slightly a way. Its a mini boost of confidence to catch someone checking you out, whether I'm in a relationship or single. I would rather not get hit on if I have a boyfriend, but someone glancing is a nice I guess you could say reassurance :)

  • are you referring this to girls who wear revealing clothes? They can look attractive to a lot of guys. Girls like to dress up because it makes them happy and pretty. We also do it to impress other girls, not guys lol you would not understand the competition between women. However, there are SOME girls who do dress like that to get attention from guys. They desire to be desired by men. Their love interest and all the benefits that accompany being desired namely bonding with a man to promote a feeling of acceptance, belonging and a sense of being cherished.

  • Alot of girls dress up for the same reason they wear styles of makeup that guys don't find attractive - they want other girls to respect them, find them superior or interesting or stylish.

    But I can say that I always present myself really well and so guys typically stare or make cat calls. I hateeee that, but I'm single and I want to look good for if the right guy ever comes around. I don't want the attention of 20 creepy guys...I just want to be able to catch the attention of the one right guy.


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  • They want their cake and to eat it to...essentially.

    They want attention, affirmation, turned heads, etc. from men and are banking on the fact that none of them will take it one step further and actually hit on them. It's no different than the girl who flirts with guys she really isn't interested in dating, just because she wants them to give her attention and desire her, but as soon as they actually make a move on her, she acts offended and scared, like they're should have known that she didn't want to date them, when in actuality she's been sending mixed signals all along.

  • Women only like being hit on by men they find attractive. And many believe that they only dress up for themselves. They're not aware of the unconscious reason : To be found attractive.

    • So you think she doesn't know that she wants that to feel pretty but she really does?

    • Yes. The same applies for men by the way. Whether we're aware of it or not, life is pretty much a constant quest for attraction of the opposite gender.

    • Idk about that..I leave the house without combing my hair even. I can't think of a instance where iv tried to gain other girls attention. If a girl does flirt with me I shoo em away

  • Well she could be doing it to impress you, we females are very insecure at times in relationships. I mainly believe it's because she likes it, it makes her feel good. She could be wearing a heck of a lot worse. The whole guy thing, well she is dating you so I'm fairly sure it;s she wants to stay true to you.

    • Well I'm not worried about cheating or anything like that. But honestly it hurts my feelings when shed dresses like that..cuz I don't c any reason to except for attention from other boys