Girls what is a sure fire way to tell if you like or think a guy is cute or attractive.

Also, what a surefire way to start a conversation with a random girl with out being to awkward.


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  • A surfire for a girl to tell if she has feeling for a guy is how you'd feel...random convos willl always be awkward since its unexpected but its not like the whole convo will be that way unless she just wants to be left alone.


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  • Just say Hi and take it from there.. The best conversations are the ones that aren't planned just like everything else in life.. Is how I do it.. And If I like a guy I just tell him plain and simple..!

    And remember if you think too much about it you'll never do it...

    • I think it is a little easier for girls to talk with guys... most guys want attention from girls, and most girls are sick of being bugged by guys. =p

    • Not all girls. Don't see it that way.. Just say Hi and think of ways of braking the Ice, don't go too serious or too personal too fast [nobody likes that] and try to find things in common that always helps...

  • To make a conversation not awkward.. it depends on your behavior .

    If you give off the impression you're a confident outgoing guy and you talk like it, then it would less likely be awkward as oppose to someone who gives off the impression he is insecure or quiet.

    To start a conversation, take your pick really lol. We girls would love to talk about anything. Complimenting a girl is a good start followed by a introduction.


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