Girls, have you ever had a leg cast removed? What was your reaction?

This girl in class had her leg cast removed and she was talking about it with the people next to her. She said she was so embarrassed because it was so hairy. She said she just turned her head away. Did you have a similar reaction? Different? Were you just surprised rather than embarrassed? Or just happy that you were getting it removed?


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  • Ahaha I'd be like, "girl, my legs are that hairy from September to May."


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  • Yes, I had a leg cast removed, twice. I guess I never thought of that situation before. Fortunately for me, I really don't grow any hair on my legs at all, so no, I didn't have that problem at all. I only have to shave my legs every couple of months. I'm lucky that way.

    • Wow, are your legs naturally like that? Do you wax or anything?

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    • haha, not at all. That's a nice trait. :) If you don't mind saying, what happened? Sports injury? Car accident?

    • Genetics, lots of native Am. Indians cannot and do not grow facial hair, and apparently, other places too.

  • If it ever happens to me I'm gonna have shave gel and a razor right next to me then me and my hairy leg are gonna hobble over to the sink and get to work


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