Guys take; difference between cute, pretty, beautiful, hot, and sexy.

Cute, pretty, beautiful, hot, and sexy...define these words in your own way.

What would be in a woman i.e physically and/or emotionally that would make you describe her as one of these?
Thanks to all who answered, I was just curious about this, wanted to get an overall view.


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  • cute has like an innocence to her, but she is pretty good looking maybe a 7/10

    pretty I never use but if I could maybe it would be a bit less cute and a bit more hot and sexy so a 7.5/10

    beautiful is only used when you truly like someone and admire them fully 9.5/10

    hot is when your talking to your mates about a girl who you think is good looking, maybe mention it to a girl that she's hot if you wanna get to know her better? could range from a 7 to a 10/10

    sexy is when someone looks sexy? so they are sexually pleasing, you want to f*** them, they are that good. can be anything from a 7 to a 10/10

    this is my opinion only, pretty to type in word and do a rating on it, not 100% correct for me even.


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  • I would probably date any girl who fell under at least one of these categories. As for definitions...

    Cute is a girl who is girly; I think there's a bit of an immaturity and shyness involved but not necessarily a lot. Also, I don't think I've ever seen ugly-cuteness but I have seen plain cuteness

    Pretty is a girl who is physically attractive

    Beautiful is a girl who is physically attractive and probably out of my league

    Hot is a girl who is a little sexy (see below) but also physically pretty or beautiful

    Sexy is a girl who makes me think of sex. Then again, most of the former can fall under this category (cute depends on the type of cuteness)

    Finally, don't overthink it if you were called one of these things as guys' definitions vary and they can blurt stuff out when talking with other guys. Also, some girls might be hot one day and cute another.

  • I think most guys use "cute" as in "not really sexy, but Id still date her" or a rating of 7/10.

    But for me, I use it in a more literal sense. cute is what I'm attracted to. Girls I call cute are usually the the highest on the attraction scale. I'm crazy about the "cute innocent girl" look even more than "sexy bad girls". Sexy girls are appealing If I'm 'in the mood', but cute girls are the ones I'm more attracted to for dating and and going out with.

    I woulnt put much weight on the definitions, they mean something different to everyone, but all that matters is the words all mean "attractive".

  • Cute is not that pretty but, but innocent and attractive regardless.

    Pretty is how I describe girls that I know are attractive, but I don't find so at all. Mainly a good face.

    Beautiful: practically perfect in almost every way. Like Mary Poppins! Character and looks are both considered here.

    Hot: Megan Fox in Transformers. Attractive, but it's all turned to be purely sexual, not beauty. Like a stripper.

    Sexy: good looks and comes off as fairly sexual, but not too much, or too overtly.

  • Cute - Adorable whether it be personality wise or physically

    Pretty - Visually intriguing in some way: face, body, style

    Beautiful - Great genetics that you are interested in getting to know

    Hot - Stunning good looks and trendy

    Sexy - Usually has feature that would make bedroom time that much more fun, like a nice rack or a set of double d's.

    All are used interchangeably though. Meaning depends on the context used and enthusiasm.

  • When I say she's cute. I am trying to be appreciative towards how attractive she is. Sexy and hot is more sexual.

  • A cute girl would be a very pretty chick a 7 at least who has that kind of personality that you adore. She acts like a little girl, but she's not the ditzy kind.

    Pretty is a reference to looks. I really can't define what I'm attracted to.

    A beautiful girl would be someone who actually could be a 6 but often is much higher because her personality is ridiculously kick ass.

    A hottie is a cute face with a symmetrical body and a great boob to ass ratio.

    Sexy pretty much means the same as hot

  • cute (and pretty) apply to the face

    hot applies to the body

    sexy applies to attire

    beautiful applies to a girl's "best feature."

  • Cute/pretty- she looks decent enough for me to date.

    Beautiful-woah...I wonder what she's all about.


  • Cute=pretty=hot=sexy=beautiful. Don't worry about specific definitions.

  • Cute: Is cute, maybe shy there are some who are cute and hot.

    Hot/sexy = same thing, sexually appealing.

  • your pretty beutiful and excuse me for saying but you look hot in those pants , pretty sexy

    if you love her you love her

    • lol, I'm not following, I guess I kind of get the flow of what you're saying...

  • You could give me photos of ten women and I could categorize them, but defining this is way to hard to do in a broad sense. Its an individual feeling I get from someone

  • I associate the word cute with short, friendly girls.

    I associate words hot and sexy with tall slender women I'd like to date and sleep with.

    Beautiful is for girls I find hot and sexy but it's more than just physical.

    Pretty = any girl that looks good.


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  • to guys cute means she is attractive and sweet and girlfriend material

    hot and sexy are sexual they want to bang her doesn't mean they wouldn't date her but sometimes they could only like her body, especially if she wears revealing clothes, and they are more likely to use these words for girls they see in only a sexual manner

    beautiful means extremely attractive but not just sexual

    pretty means good looking

    a lot of times they will use all of these on a girl they like they all are good

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