Cali style young adult clothing or preppy clothing?

Well I personally wear both, some days I dress preppy (polo shirt, nautica short shorts, and sperry top-siders) and some days I dress like I'm total Cali, skinny jeans, vans, hollister shirt , and a snapback (I'm thinking about buying a varsity jacket as well to go along with it), but what would you guys wear, and what do you girls like to see guys wear (generally, non-biased)


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  • What you feel the most comfortable in. It doesn't have to be any specific style, chill, and go for your own opinion. All in all, that is what most (real) girls want.


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  • I usually don't like preppy so id choose almost any other style but I think I hate hollister finch ambercrombie ect more than preppy.No offense,I just think its a waste of money and I heard a lot of bad things about the company so ya.Eventhough my friends wear it and people at my school I just don't.

    But I wouldn't just stick to wearing one certain style,its good to mix it up


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