Are sleeveless button down shirts cute?

Are they still in style? Are they too dressy for school? What can they be worn with,skinny jeans?if so , What colors?

I have the same style but different colors is that TOO much? The shirt style is something like in forever 21 ,a knott on the botton and a collar on the top (button down).its silk material ..I don't know how to put a link so my description is the best I can do.


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  • I would have no idea if they are in style, but they look nice. I would not say they are too dressy. They could be worn with jeans, shorts or a skirt. The color would depend on what you wear it with.

    • link Like the ones in the second and third pic? I think it is fine, saw 2 girls wearing the shirts today, without the knot at the bottom.

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    • I like how it looks. Personally I like it better without the knot. I thing you will look good in it.

    • Thanks(:

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  • I've not seen them but who cares if its too dressy for school.if it looks good wear it.

  • Yes they are in style, I have quite a few myself. I don't think they are too dressy for school, you can wear them with skinny jeans, skirts (with like a cardigan/jacket), anything really just as long as you accessorize it well. What color is yours?

    • I have A black,purple,orange(x,and a turqouise one

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    • That's what I was thinking (: thanks for the advice(:

    • any time :)