Do you think the sensual style of this satin dress is slutty? Backless with rhinestone trail down the back...?

Okay, so this is how it really looks link but once I get my hands on it and remake it, it will be different.

I like the deep plunge because thanks to my smaller breasts, I can pull it off without looking slutty. It also accentuates my flat, toned tummy and will be a nice tease when I hip roll and belly dance. I'm going to add a string of very classy, sexy little purple rhinestones *they look like purple diamonds* to it to give it a touch of elegance. I think I might add some more fabric to add some length, maybe an asymmetrical side? I'd only wear it to the club. Many girls go to the club, t*ts popping out, ass damn near falling out. So I thought I'd switch it up and emphasize how my tummy and back can be damn sexy.

Your thoughts? Slutty looking? Any suggestions?


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  • You won't look slutty, especially compared to some other girls. but the problem is, I just don't like the dress, its ugly to me

    • lol! +1 for honesty :)

    • Haha I realize this is like 2 months late but thanks :)

    • lol, it's okay. I appreciate TACTFUL honesty that isn't meant to be offensive or hurtful, but it's just sincerity

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  • I do not like the dress.

    • plus one for respectful honesty :)

    • thanks.

What Girls Said 3

  • I gotta be honest, I consider it a pretty slutty.

    I mean, a low low low neckline is kind of acceptable, if you have the body to wear it, but the bare back and the short length are a bit to much. Plus the shiny looking fabric and that weird bling.. Idk, it seems the perfect example of a slutty dress.

    • So you think it's slutty because it shows skin?

      Hmm or are you just mad because you may not have the body to pull it off without looking slutty yourself?

  • that sounds so cute, classy in the club girl! rock it!


  • I really like it, if you adding some accesories it will only look better. I'd wear some sheer pantyhose and the highest heels you can wear, no necklace, that will take away from the plunging neckline. How do you wear your hair?