Do guys pay attention how girls position their body?

we all know you guys like to look at pictures of pretty girls. you have a favorite girl and stuff. we all do!

but...does every guy pay attention to where theyre putting their weight on? like how they positioned their body to make a certain part look bigger/appealing?

my boyfriend does that...and I pointed out a girl I found pretty sexy, and he told me she because their abs were too defined, shadows and stuff cause she had her ass against the wall. he chose not to see it.

then he shows me the ones he likes and I just had to face palm. said her ass was big, and thought it was bigger than mine. majority of her weight was on one leg, so of course she'd look like she got curves and stuff. I don't have the highest self esteem but even I thought my ass was bigger.


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  • We obviously know when a girl is intentionally making a certain part stand out.. We notice that stuff in the pictures where they just happen to include a lot of cleavage.. and the ones exactly like you're describing where she makes her ass extremely noticeable. Its sexy because it shows more but the the fact is that every girl can do this. Just because you're not a slut and you're not posting sexually suggestive pictures doesn't mean you're not as sexy as this chick. To be honest I don't like a big ass anyways. I like a nice, cute, sexy little ass. So don't worry about it. These girls must have even lower self esteem than you posting pictures like that trying to get comments and trying to boost their own self esteem through the internet

    • its not that I care what they do or what he looks at. its that he chose not to see what they were doing and he still said they were bigger :/

    • Yea but what I'm saying is that I'm sure he DID notice what they were doing. Unless he's really that oblivious.. but its so obvious when girls do that. I don't know why he would outright tell you it was bigger unless he meant bigger as a bad thing(because like I said I don't like huge asses).. either that or he just said it to cause you to feel jealous for some unknown reason. In that case that's pretty rude to make his own girlfriend feel like that

    • hes a really rude person so ill take that as oblivious lol even if he did see it, he'd refuse to accept it :/ so no matter what...its still nicer. but like he said, WHY SHOULD I CARE IF HED NEVER GET THAT? I shouldnt...but there's a difference btwn wow that's hot and wow she's hotter than you.

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  • Imo...most guys do notice when a girl is wearing certain clothing, or positions herself in a way to make certain parts stand out.

    Some just don't say it in a crowd because they don't want to buzz-kill the gawk-fest.

    "damn...look at those juicy boobs!"

    "i definiely want to play with those!"

    "dude...she's wearing a push-up bra and she's popping her chest out; of COURSE they look big"


    That dude would get socially face-palm'd by both the other guys lol.

  • Well yes, every guy has a favorite part of a girl's body, and if a girl on a picture has made it look like a certain part of her body is bigger/more exposed/more attractive/etc., that will be important -- but mostly on the picture, as opposed to in reality.

    Tl;dr: Yes we do :D

  • Some guys do notice but it seems like you should worry more about other things because he will have a different opinion on what is sexy than you will.


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