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hi I did a boyfriend makeup tag and I wanted to know if girls would allow your man to do your makeup and then go out in public? Guys would you do your girlfriends makeup? this is me and my boyfriend



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  • Well, other than the fact that you do not need make up it's nice that he pays this much attention to you.

    I'm semi-curious why you posted this anonymous, it being a video of you, and attached to your YouTube account.

    But even so, it was cool that he did this. I don't think I could do it right if it were me.

    • I don't need makeup?

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    • I did notice the accent, but I didn't make assumptions on where it's from. Why was I suppose to notice your accent?

    • No I was just asking

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  • I don't know I would probably play with the idea, but it was a very charming / cute video for some reason. And my God you are so stunning :O ! with or without make up

  • He did way better then most of the tags I've seen lol I've don't have a boyfriend but, it looks fun! I'm not good at putting makeup on myself anyway .

  • I let my boyfriend do part of my makeup before. He's an artist so it actually turned out really well.

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