What is a sexy style for business clothes?

I'm a college senior about to go into the business world. Of course, I want to look professional, classy, sophisticated, and in style in my new job, but I also want to look sexy. What do you guys like? Girls, what do you suggest?


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  • Knee length fitted skirts (dark colors and thin pin stripes), black heels, button-down shirts with 3/4 length sleeves, hair pulled back or up, simple earrings, light and natural make up, a 'jacket' that matches the skirt, leather brief or messenger bag.

    Sexy it up a bit with black nylons/stalkings, big hoop earrings, 'flirty-red' lipstick, leaving the top three buttons of your shirt undone. ^_^


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  • I really like pencil skirts with ruffle dress shirts and heels.

  • Tight black pencil skirts

    High heels of course! I would say stilettos but I don't know if that is professional

    White collared shirts. It gives you that sexy businesswoman swagg


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