I'm going back to school as "the new girl" for my Senior Year?

My designated welcoming-committee-buddy/tour guide, is a really hot senior guy who is really nice and single :D What should I wear to impress him on the second day of school? He's in 4 out of 6 of my classes too. I want to make a good second impression, that will make him want to stick around for more than the week long helping period.


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  • Maybe a cardigan+ blouse or tank top with a pattern or degin and jeans or shorts or a skirt.definitely say hi if you're near him and make a joke like 'ive never seen you before and you're in almost all my classes'

    Introduce yourslef if you havent

    • Thanks. I've already been introduced to him, He has been showing me around school because he's in this program at school where the guidance counselors assign someone from your grade to help you find your classes if your new.

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    • wow, well I hope college isn't like that.

    • Hah me too

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  • try to dress different like from goth to chic