What would be a good style dress for my body shape?

Im going to homecoming and its my first formal dance! I have no idea what type of dress to get.

I'm 5'6" have an hourglass shape (36-27-37) but I kind of have soccer legs and I have slight love-handles in really tight jeans. So what would be a good way to go? Like what waist-line, or should I try body-con to show off my curves and just wear spanx underneath to smooth everything out? Thanks!


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  • something that shows your curves tight and sexy


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  • Judging by your measurements, you're pear shaped...this is why so many women think they have an hourglass shape yet only 8% of females are hourglass

    But uh, try to wear something that is cinched at the waist

    Don't wear jeans that cause a muffin spill

    If you want to wear spanx, more power to you...but they're uncomfortable as fudge lol

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